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3D Systems Art Challenge

3D Systems Art Challenge

Many of us are devoted art-appreciators and we all have something to say about art in the 21st century. That, of course, doesn't always mean we know what we're saying. History proves that the collective opinion on art is not so reliable, to say the least. It's enough to look at a few examples: Vincent van Gogh, Franz Schubert, Edgar Allan Poe, Johannes Vermeer - all of these cultural giants died unrecognized and coinless. But their art is priceless today. Why all the babble? Well, there are quite a few of these art-appreciators out there who publicly express their doubts about 3D printing's role in the art world. Care to hear what we think? We're positive 3D printing models can be a real magician's hat - you can produce any object out of nothing... And that can be a curse or a blessing.

We're thrilled to be partnering with 3D Systems this time to bring you one of the most exciting challenges of the year! 3D Systems Art Challenge is dedicated to creators who take inspiration from the world around, who have an open mind and a keen eye. Successful entries will explore the creative applications of 3D printing technology in home decor, offering interesting sculpture, product, interior decorations or any other artistic 3D print designs. You don't need to dig very deep to grasp your first design idea, just look around your room - vases, figurines, wall art, furniture, sculptures... with a touch of creativity, even the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

A combination of fantastic prizes that include a CubePro printer, special presents from Digital Tutors and Igo3d, and the absolute freedom to create and design a piece from your imagination makes this challenge every artist's priority. Let's give the art-appreciators a reason to love 3D printing.

Challenge ended on: 2015-01-11 23:59:59 UTC


Below are the models participating in this challenge. Browse through them or submit yours!

Awards & Prizes

There are two categories of awards in this challenge: best model and best portfolio.

Best 3D Art Portfolio

The award will be given for the best and most of 3D Art models uploaded during the challenge period.

For the winner
  • CubePro printer by 3D Systems
  • 1 roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • 1 roll of Ninjaflex fillament by Fennerdrives
  • 200 USD in credits by CGTrader
  • Promotional features by CGTrader
For two runner-ups
  • 1 roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • 100 USD in credits by CGTrader
  • Promotional features by CGTrader

Best 3D Art Model

The award will be given for the best 3D Art model uploaded during the challenge period.

For the winner
  • 3Doodler by Igo3d
  • 1 roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • 1 roll of Ninjaflex fillament by Fennerdrives
  • 300 USD in credits by CGTrader
  • Promotional features by CGTrader
For two runner-ups
  • 1 roll of Innofil3D fillament by Igo3d
  • 100 USD in credits by CGTrader
  • Promotional features by CGTrader

Terms & Conditions

In order to qualify for the prize winnings, you must agree to terms & conditions.

Things you must know
  • 3D Systems Art Challenge will run from the 14th of November, 2014, to the 11th of January, 2015.
  • When uploading your entry be sure to check "3D Art Challenge" to get your model tagged and counted to the challenge.
  • You can model wide range of models: from vases to statuettes. The originality of the 3D models for printing will be definitely considered when judging.
Things you should know
  • Designs uploaded to the gallery are not treated as valid entries.
  • Upon joining this challenge, you agree that renderings of your models might be used by sponsors for marketing (non commercial!) purposes.
  • You can have as many entry models as you want. By uploading more than 10 3D files you are eligible to enter Portfolio category too.
  • The challenge is open to everyone, including teams, legal entities and people from all over the world.
  • Participating in the challenge and uploading 3D models to CGTrader platform is free of charge.
  • All the entries must be original and not derivable.
  • Employees and relatives of CGTrader and sponsor teams are not allowed to participate in this challenge.
  • You can find the challenge announcement on our Blog and feel free to drop a thread on our Discussions board.
  • Any existing taxes or duties must be paid by the winner. CGTrader is not responsible for any illegal actions taken by the prize winners.
  • We are independent sheriffs of this challenge, so stick to the rules and don't do anything stupid.
  • Got some questions? Have suggestions? Check for FAQ or drop us a line at


Below is the information about sponsors and the products that are giveaways for the challenge.


The judging of the challenge is supervised by CGTrader staff. Winners will be chosen following the requirements below:

The judging of the challenge will be performed by CGTrader. Winners will be chosen following the requirements below:

  • Quality of the 3D Art model
  • Uniqueness, innovation, and general achievement in design of the 3D Art model
  • Clear and attractive presentation of the model

Frequently Asked Questions

Please go through these questions before contacting us

Do I need to upload files or only images of my 3D design?

You need to upload files and images of your 3D design in order to participate in the challenge.

I don't want to put my entry model for sale. Do you have any suggestions?

Does earning money from your digital files sounds like a bad idea? Just try to put higher price on it, let's say 300 USD.

I don't want to loose copyrights on my model after it is sold.

There are General, Editorial and Custom licenses for you to choose under which you want to operate. Individuals or companies which bought your model can't use it for commercial purposes if it hasn't been changed. So no worries - you won't loose the copyright.

How can I participate in the challenge?

You need to design 3D Art model and upload it to CGTrader.

What if I put the required tag on my already published 3D model on CGTrader - do you treat it as a valid entry?

No. Only 3D models uploaded in the period from the 14th of November to the 11th of January 2015 will be treated as valid entries.

Do free 3D models participate in the challenge?

Yes, absolutely. Sharing artwork is always appreciated in the community.

Can I enter with 3D models which participated in other challenges elsewhere?

Yes. There are no restrictions on publishing and selling your models elsewhere.

Do price tags play any importance when entries are being judged?

No. But do not forget that the prices are always judged by the customers.

I want to participate in the challenge so I am going to delete my already uploaded models and upload them again to meet the "publishing period" requirement. Can I do that?

No. We are tracking every deleted and uploaded model, so it is useless to drive-through our requirements of the challenge.