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Your Public Profile Is Upgraded: We Care Who You Are

July 19th, 2013

Your Public Profile Is Upgraded: We Care Who You Are

Modern world states that if Google does not find you, you do not exist at all. Showing up is definitely a trend nowadays. Throughout all social channels a personal profile allows people to socialize, identify themselves, and even recreate their personalities in the eyes of the public.

We believe that respecting integration and proper usage of the best features developed by the most powerful social media channels, may open the gates towards our goal - to create a vibrant community-based platform for 3D designers to trade 3D models and make a living out of it.

Following this vision, we are introducing a red-hot resumption of ours: upgraded 3D designer profile.

Your Public Profile Is Upgraded: We Care Who You Are 1

You may ask, what was wrong with the previous one? Firstly, we do care, who you are: what is your name and why you have started 3D modeling at all. If cars or flowers are your passion - we want to know it.

So, get all the statistics you ever wanted. On the top of the profile there is a reputation rate, your ranking in the most popular designer list, the number of your uploaded models, profile previews, expertise by category and popular formats, customer rating, likes and followers.

These new features will benefit our fast growing community. CGTrader is a marketplace based on the principle of direct communication between the seller and the buyer. Therefore, highly informative public profile lets the buyer get to know a seller better and have more confidence when making a purchase. This means - more sales for your 3D models. Moreover, it will help 3D artists to form a tight community by getting involved into this digital hand-made reality.

Your Public Profile Is Upgraded: We Care Who You Are 2

We have some tips for you on how to make your profile catch the eye immediately:

  • Update all your personal information. There is no need to tell your life time story or indicate the primary school you graduated, but share with other community members your philosophy, favorite software, and experience in the field of CG. Let people know, where you are the best at. Simply, use words to find your congenials and sell your 3D work.
  • Upload your avatar. People like to see faces, especially the buyers when they seek to be acquainted with the ones who are selling to them. If it is not a portrait, insert your logo or an image of your beloved 3D model. Everything goes.
  • Follow other 3D designers. Let other artists to know your opinion about their models by liking, commenting and following them. Following eases the building of connections and getting more feedback. Furthermore, a section in your profile allows you to see everyone, who is following you. So you can easily stay in touch and see their latest work uploaded on CGTrader - as well as make sure that each model you upload is seen by your followers.
  • Participate and collect reputation points. Reputation points have influence for your ranking in the designer list. So, the more points you get, the higher position you take. Also, these points are shown in your profile and definitely guarantee more confidence in you.

Here it is, folks. Too many things are going on around the CG world. Only 3D designed God can know, where it is exactly going to lead. So, let's get together, share and inspire each other. We believe, that this is the right thing to do.


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