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Luis Lahuerta, 3D Everything, Uploads 800,000th 3D Model to CGTrader

June 25th, 2019

Luis Lahuerta, 3D Everything, Uploads 800,000th 3D Model to CGTrader

Just a few weeks ago, CGTrader hit another milestone in 3D content. The 800,000 th 3D model was uploaded to the CGTrader Marketplace. It was uploaded by Luis Lahuerta from 3D Everything, Spain.

Luis’ landmark 3D model is a baby’s room which he created over the course of 10 days, including all the models in the scene. The models were created in 3D Studio Max and exported to FBX, enabling use in all other 3D applications.

Luis Lahuerta, 3D Everything, Uploads 800,000th 3D Model to CGTrader 1

Luis started 3D modeling 20 years ago using 3D Studio Max, Maya and Cinema 4D in academies and on his own. “My first clients were basically architecture, furniture and publicity companies,” he said. “The projects I most enjoy working on currently are scenes and 3D models that can be used in games and apps. I also like them to be interactive and playable.”

“We are pleased and proud to recognize Luis Lahuerta of 3D Everything for this impressive milestone,” said Marius Kylatis, Co-founder and COO, CGTrader. “This is the 148 th upload we have received from 3D Everything and Luis is a perfect example of the kind of very talented 3D designer who is leveraging CGTrader’s Marketplace to expand their business.”

With more than 20 year experience in 3D modelling, 3D Everything designs and creates 3D models to develop games, applications, 3D-printing models and other quality 3D projects.

“CGTrader’s Marketplace is a fantastic medium for 3D designers like me to reach customers worldwide that would otherwise not be possible. This recognition encourages me to continue to produce 3D models and upload them to the site. I love the way CGTrader’s Marketplace website works!” explained Luis.

Luis Lahuerta, 3D Everything, Uploads 800,000th 3D Model to CGTrader 2

When asked what advice he would share with newcomers to the field, Luis replied, “My main tips for new designers who want to get into 3D modelling are: you will need perseverance and you must think in 3D. I mean, if you are in the street or anywhere else, think how you would make the objects you see in 3D. Which tools and textures would you use and how would you make it appealing to be sold in the future?”


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