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Upload CGTrader’s 800,000th 3D Model…and Become a Rock Star!

April 18th, 2019

Upload CGTrader’s 800,000th 3D Model…and Become a Rock Star!

As the world’s largest marketplace of sellable 3D models, we at CGTrader are used to humongous numbers. We have more than 1 million searches on our Marketplace each month looking for premium 3D content for games, animation, 3D printing, interior design, custom 3D models for e-Commerce, and lots of other business applications. And we have close to 2 million users accessing the CGTrader platform, including talented 3D designers from all over the world.

Now we’ve got another major milestone coming up and you could be the one that makes it happen. We will very soon be marking the 800,000 th 3D model uploaded to the CGTrader Marketplace. Of course that’s already reason to celebrate. But being CGTrader, we want to take the party up a notch. So we are going to shower the person who uploads the 800,000 th 3D model with gifts and publicity worthy of a Freddie Mercury (if he were a 3D designer).

This includes the following goodies:

  • 8 months of 0 commission sales (100% royalty rate) for all your 3D models on the CGTrader Marketplace
  • Your “milestone model” featured on the CGTrader home page
  • You will be included in special public relations activities targeting industry media to mark the event
  • You will be promoted on CGTrader’s many social media platforms
  • And a special interview with you will be featured on the CGTrader blog

So this means that if you upload the 800,000th model, you are going to want that 3D design to be absolutely stellar. Here are three basic tips:

1. Add unique and detailed descriptions

  • Representative title of the model
  • Up to 20 relevant model tags
  • Informative and unique description

2. Include at least 6 to 9 high quality preview images. Include at least one image showing the wireframe of the model.

3. Have at least four to six formats, including at least one native and main exported file format (.FBX, .OBJ).

That’s it. 800,000 is coming up fast and furious! Get your awesome models uploaded to CGTrader and – fingers crossed – you will be riding in the back of a limo sipping champagne and talking to CNN about your latest 3D design gigs. Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration but who knows what can happen when your 3D model makes history!


Tell us what you think!

al3xxxgm wrote
What if someone will upload a brick or box model ? :)
timnik wrote
A wonderful event and a great incentive to create more models!
charly-1 wrote
YeAh! All right, everyone, let's party!
ElVisuelo wrote
I'll upload my best cube model, I hope I will be able to tell the CNN how hard it was to click on a button x)
ghulam-rasool-blouch0027 wrote
Also add these tags in model tags detail..?3d designer model challenge milestone
MGR-99 wrote
Oh boy
lowlypoly wrote
Nice :) Tons of models come to Cgtrader this month...heh
tcheloslv wrote
Almost there!! hahaha
sergo1977 wrote
who is this lucky ?
vicky180 wrote
Wow! Now that's motivation to upload more consistently :)
DDGames wrote
good idea for cgtrader to reach 10,000,000,000 models In a minute :D I thought the winner may win some money, that would be a great deal for millions of models will be uploaded In the same month a few hundreds dollars won't affect the safe of cgtrader :D
Morph3D wrote
nawas wrote