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Update: 3D collections tool

November 21st, 2018

Update: 3D collections tool

See how easy it is to add models to existing collections and find out about other updates to our 3D collections tool.

A couple of months ago we introduced the 3D collections tool – feature which allows you to create collections of your assets on CGTrader. The feature announcement covers everything you need to know about creating and editing a collection.

The new update improves several things about 3D collections. Most importantly, you can now easily add new models to an existing collection.

Add a new model to a collection

Click here to see a higher quality preview.

  1. Go to your 'Models' page
  2. Select the models you want to add to a collection
  3. Click 'Collections' in the top right
  4. Select 'Add to existing collection' in the dropdown menu
  5. Click the '+' button in the collection list
  6. Review your collection, add relevant information to the description, any new tags and click 'Save'.

Other changes and fixes:

  • Optimized larger collection loading time
  • Updated description markdown – use the Preview button to check your description before publishing
  • Deleted models will not show up in collections
  • All file formats available in collection are now shown in the marketplace listing page
  • Preview images will show which model they belong to (only works with automatically added preview images)

Read more about the 3D collection tool on CGTrader.


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vis-all-3d wrote
Nice to know! I just realized how good this Batch Uploader is :)
LemonadeCG wrote
Great news! Next step is introducing a tool, which would allow to convert old, manually created collections, to the new format ;]
chrisharrington1012 wrote
Very well written article. You provided a great information about how to create 3D Models by using these tools and also explain how easy it is to add models to existing collections. Keep writing such kinds of informative posts further.
Anthoniy-CG wrote
excellent introduction. When viewing the collection, the models that are included in it are indicated, and they can be viewed in a separate window, which is very convenient, but this system had a finished look, if on the pages of the models that belong to the collection this fact was indicated, and the buyer could see that the model is part of the collection.
amaudu wrote
Nice update!
Rigstr wrote
very nice
khodalcasting wrote
please ,let me know which software is used to convert (.jcd ) file format into (.stl , .max , .obj).
IpoyPunk wrote
What a great tool
nawas wrote