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Unprecedented discounts on 3D models for Black Friday

November 22nd, 2018

Unprecedented discounts on 3D models for Black Friday

We are holding an unprecedented sale of 3D content this Black Friday: CGTrader will forefeit most of its fees to offer buyers unseen discounts up to 70% on 3D models.

CGTrader was founded on the principle of giving 3D designers a fair share of the profits. For thousands of 3D designers and studios on the platform, participation in sale promotions is strictly an opt-in feature. Those who choose to participate in promotional sales set their own discount rates. To make this Black Friday sale special without any negative impact to the sellers, CGTrader will forego the bulk of its sales fee to make 3D content more accessible. This means that some 350,000 3D models are set to have mind boggling discounts – up to 70 percent.

CGTrader’s customers say that buying stock 3D assets lets them save close to 80% of their 3D design budget even before discounts, which means that this Black Friday sale on CGTrader will make 3D content extremely accessible even for smaller businesses, creatives and studios.


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