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The new 3D Jobs system will change the way businesses connect with 3D designers

July 7th, 2015

The new 3D Jobs system will change the way businesses connect with 3D designers

3D jobs is something we’ve been dabbling with for a while now, so it’s not necessarily the what that will pump your heart with anticipation. It’s the how. Or so we hope.

What we’ve learned poking around this professional field is that it houses a lot of unhappy people.

3D designers often find themselves immersed in pointless bidding wars that squeeze them dry of energy and scarcely ever bring any money. Private companies, on the other hand, spend hours&hours of their time just hopping from one freelancers platform to another, posting project briefs and hoping to find someone who knows what they’re doing. If it sounds horrible, it’s because it is.

So we have revamped our 3D jobs system to end this misery and bring order from chaos. Add our excellent customer support and this may look too good to be true.

But let’s walk through the changes and new features together, to make sure you get the most out of it. Missing out would not be fun.

Thousands of professional 3D designers under one roof

One thing that remains set in stone is the purpose of 3D Jobs system. It is the business corner. A place where talented 3D designers and businesses in need of top class freelancers can easily find each other and work on exciting new projects. It’s where the clever professionals from both worlds mingle. No strings attached.

With the rapidly growing demand in VR and 3D printing industries, we’re seeing a significant increase in specialised 3D jobs listings, targeting designers with a clearly defined skill set and work experience. But why bother searching for these specialists in the jungle of the world wide web, when you have a remarkable pool of talented 3D professionals one click away?

The need to have a skilled in-house team of 3D designers for an odd job here and there is non-existent. All you need is to know where to look for them.

We understand how crucial it is to have a project delivered on time and to a certain standard, so being able to pick out designers based on their previous work and skills, gives businesses full confidence in their abilities. It’s a flexible, affordable and simple process.

Designers, in turn, have their own reasons to be here: it is the easiest way to be found - think of it as LinkedIn for 3D professionals - and the best spot to sort through the latest job listings filtering them by type, software, budget, client’s reputation, and so on. With their portfolio already sitting on the platform, it’s hard to see why they wouldn’t want to shake the money tree.

Money won’t be a problem

To make sure the deals take off and things run smoothly, we’re claiming the intermediary’s role. While you talk business terms and project deadlines, we’ll ensure the promises and tasks laid out in the job description as well as all things money, are followed through.

The payment will sit with us from the moment the negotiations are closed, until the final thumbs up from the client. A simple and secure solution that should keep both parties on their best behaviour.

We’ll be watching after you, so you can focus on what you know best.

Everything a 3D designer will want to know

What makes the new system so much more flexible and user-friendly are the features. Something as simple as being able to sort job listings by “newest”, “lowest budget” or “highest budget” can make a staggering difference on your mood. We’ve been told.

Filters. Bless the amazing filters that will save your time by allowing you to search for 3D jobs listings by Category (3D, 3D Print, 3D Scan), Software type (Max, Maya, etc.), and other.

Money. We’ve talked about this already, but good things deserve more attention. So here it is - you won’t need to worry about the money. We’ll handle the payment. If you do the job and your client is happy, it will be our responsibility to make sure you’re paid.

3D Jobs Dashboard. Tracking all your job applications and project deadlines will be easy. Head to the dashboard to see all your information in one place.

The new 3D Jobs system will change the way businesses connect with 3D designers  1

Everything a business client will want to know

Job listing form. The updated design will allow you to enter more information about the project: budget ranges, software, deadline, etc. The more accurate the job listing is, the better fitting results it will generate, eliminating the possibility of miscommunication and misunderstanding.

Private job offers. You know your budget, your project timeline, the level of quality you require and maybe you even know exactly who you want to work with. So don’t waste time and just go get that superhero. Contact designers privately, discuss your terms and conditions and get that project done.

3D Jobs Dashboard. Well, it’s an obvious one. Need to check on the progress of your job adverts or your projects? Just go to your dashboard. It’s all there.

Workspace. It’s not done until it’s shipped, right? Workspace does what it says - it’s a place for file sharing, discussions and feedback. Keep it tidy and you may never miss your deadline again. When the job is done, you get to rate the designer and leave a sweet note of gratitude. No pressure, of course.

The new 3D Jobs system will change the way businesses connect with 3D designers  2

We are excited. Are you?


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