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The IKEA Gimmick: Are These Home Interiors REAL or FAKE?

September 23rd, 2014

The IKEA Gimmick: Are These Home Interiors REAL or FAKE?

Many of us were taken by surprise when it emerged that 75% of IKEA's catalog is computer generated imagery. All those times you were wondering how a kitchen can be so pristine or a bedroom so stylishly and compactly arranged...there is your answer right here - they are not real! The truth is, it's not only IKEA that turned to digital furniture in a hope to save money. Computer-generated images are changing the look of advertising, fashion and design. They're everywhere, but they're so good we don't see the difference. We don't notice.

Can you beat this mind trickery? This time we are challenging you to look very close and tell us which of these images of sheek, modern interiors are real photographs and which - computer-generated.

Is this image real or fake?

1/20 White Bedroom

2/20 Reading Room

3/20 Industrial Loft

4/20 Living Room

5/20 Foo House

6/20 Living Room

7/20 I am the King

8/20 Kitchen

9/20 Collectors Collect

10/20 Ouverture

11/20 The Chesterfield Project

12/20 Interior

13/20 Studio

14/20 Living Room at Night

15/20 Minimalistic House

16/20 Old WC

17/20 Kitchen

18/20 Industrial Interior

19/20 Atmosphere

20/20 Sunday Morning


Tell us what you think!

drbenzi-1 wrote
All ...... amazing!!!! N°18 is my favourite.
maksimiljan wrote
N°18 is my favorite too. But all models or pictures are grate...!!
Alex wrote
Great quiz, what's your score? 16/20 here. :)
CooPE wrote
Not correctly insert photos with colors especially disturbed levels.
PrashantS wrote
Looks realistic but it is CG.
PrashantS wrote
All were really great ..breathtaking :D
jesusbalbastro wrote
I got 14 right. I got 2 wrong cause dyslexia though :)
natfra wrote
18 out of 20 .... Still have the eye for 3d at 57 years old . Great work guys .
pascal-yap wrote
For me, only 17 good answers :-/ Just because some incredibles rendering !!!!!! Definitively, my favorit is the N°8 who is so WoW WoW WoW ... and i'm speechless about this one :-D
LuS wrote
20/20 even I cant believe it!! Such an amazing renders n° 18 is my fav it's almost caught me but I guess am a good guesser lol
LuS wrote
juanpablo9305 wrote
Great...!!! 19/20... A little Mistake... But my fav is the number 20... It´s a great image...!!! The composition... All... Amazing...
brainsushi wrote
18 out of 20.. my fav is #16!
kapsico wrote
20/20 ...But i was almost missing one...this was a good show of projects. they are very good and almost real :)
erd wrote
#5 great job on those stairs outside the window Andrea :)
Karras wrote
One fail , 19/20.