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Real or Fake? Take the Digital Art Celebrity Quiz

August 21st, 2014

Real or Fake? Take the Digital Art Celebrity Quiz

Digital artists are often overlooked when the conversation turns to “the real art” like oil painting, drawing or sculpture, since the old-fashioned view is that no art can be born without a brush, a pencil or a colour palette. Sure, it takes a great amount of talent and skill to master these techniques, but so does the digital art. Take the quiz to find out how much of an art dealer you are - can you tell which of these images are CG-generated (fake) and which are real photographs?

Is this image real or fake?

1/20 Amanda Seyfried

2/20 Ryan Gosling

3/20 Walter White

4/20 Heath Ledger

5/20 Megan Fox

6/20 Orlando Bloom

7/20 Johnny Depp

8/20 Jack Nicholson

9/20 Angelina Jolie

10/20 Jared Leto

11/20 Morgan Freeman

12/20 Russell Crowe

13/20 Christina Aguilera

14/20 Heydar Aliyev

15/20 Benedict Cumberbatch

16/20 Christina Aguilera

17/20 Britney Spears

18/20 Henry IV

19/20 Robert de Niro

20/20 Stan Lee


Tell us what you think!

xXYuriXx wrote
Awesome artists who made all these characters
dhoeby1970 wrote
The 3 i got wrong...WOW!
david1989 wrote
está muy bn hecha felicidades, god artwork # 18 cool
al-fery17 wrote
Number 11 absolutely incredible !! :D
lord-evil-blood-moon wrote
"Your Result! You have answered 20 out of 20 correctly." I am not an artist or modeller, so it was rather unexpectable! :-) And in my opinion, number 4 and 5 are THE BEST works.
sumoncps wrote
So I am not good enough in guessing the right answers of all these photos. Some of them are really brilliant that it is difficult to find out the fake one!
susanmicle wrote
Marvelous artistis who made all these charachers.