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Real or Fake? Quiz on stunning photorealistic food 3D models

September 1st, 2014

Real or Fake? Quiz on stunning photorealistic food 3D models

Warning! This quiz contains dangerously yummy images of cakes, breads, seafood and various delicious meals; not all of them are real, though. 3D artists are throwing you a challenge: CAN you tell, which of these images are computer-generated?

Is this image real or fake?

1/16 Mason Jar Layered Lunch


2/16 Raspberry Day


3/16 Bits of Bread


4/16 King Prawns


5/16 Iced Coffee


6/16 Lemons


7/16 Breakfast


8/16 Hot Chocolate


9/16 Blueberry Muffin


10/16 Italian Lunch


11/16 Dessert


12/16 Basket of Buns


13/16 Early Morning Breakfast


14/16 Sweet Hawaiian Dinner Rolls


15/16 The Ultimate Tia Maria Chocolate Fudge Cake


16/16 Red Grapes



Tell us what you think!

juoolz wrote
(DONT READ UNLESS YOU HAVE ALREADY TAKEN THE QUIZ) That was fun. The last image "Red Grapes" is mind blowing!! I must have spend a good 5 min looking at it and still believed it to be a photo. Infact the only slight doubt was the lighting on the leaf in the very bottom right and (Now that iv spent a little more time on it) the patterns in some leaves match! However absolutly amazing :)
niemeyer-julius wrote
for some reason i see it on the first sight if a picture is fake or not but it takes me a while to define why 15 out of 16 right !!
rollerphreak wrote
Got all 16 right, though there were 2 where I had scratched my head for a few seconds. Seems I spent to much time rendering... :)
lh123 wrote
I got 16/16 (Spoliers) 1. The jar on the right has a red piece in it with a liquid surface tension outline where it's touching the jar. I've never seen an artist go to that length. 2. Needs more dirt/damage. 3. Noise around glasses in top left. Bread on right looks like it has a photo texture (lighting info in the diffuse). 4. The pan is perfectly cross-sectioned! 5. This one was tough, but the ice cubes looked real 6. There would be some motion blur if real lemons were thrown up like that. 7. Too much noise 8. The highlight in the top/back rim of the red cup has aliasing 9. A lot of organic detail. An artist wouldn't put a seam inside the bowl either. 10. Pasta just doesn't look right at all. 11. Tough, but I think there's chromatic abberation on the floor board which a photographer wouldn't want. 12. Textures look a bit fake, perhaps a photo texture 13. Noise in bottom right 14. Difficult, but no noise at all, bread has some translucency and cloth is very real 15. Just looks real 16. Those two grapes at the top of the main bunch have both got the same little dent. Plus, the render looks high dynamic range compared to a photo. Also if a photographer takes a photo, they have to be in the scene which means they effect the lighting with their presence; most artists never put a 'photographer' object in their scene so front facing surfaces are often lighter than they should be.
gera-nataliya wrote
Nice try, but I got all answers right and I am not a 3D artist neither a photographer. Although I do see much of 3D works and I love 3D art.
etamas3d wrote
The 4th image reminds me this page, are you sure not they made it ? and the lemon scene looks like if a screenshot from this piece by Alex Roman: btw nice set :)
glabs wrote
Though all are amazing but Raspberry Day is awesome model, it floats on the top of the chart in my decision.
patricia-klein wrote
13 out of 16! Red grapes almost fooled me! I said almost... :-)
jonnydjango wrote
15 of 16... that was fun! But the artist wich made the Bread image is named Andrew Price... the "w" is missing...
chririz wrote
miledrizk wrote
i got 15 out of 16! wasn't easy though! great CGI work! Bravo!! :))
kinoko wrote
I wish I could model and render food real as this. The only one I got wrong was the 11th one because it looks so real and yummy. :)
smorrison1014 wrote
I got all correct! That was fun! I will admit a few stumped me, but after close inspection I could tell whether they were real or not. I'm sure a lot of people have been stumped though and thought one was real when it was in fact fake. This was cool.
sergtf wrote
ieva-lickiene wrote
"Raspberry day" got me bad :) It just looks too real.