13 Mar 2024

Phrozen’s Debut on FDM 3D Printing

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For the past few years, Phrozen has continuously been renowned as a manufacturer of premium resin 3D printers. Recently, the company has extended its expertise into the domain of FDM printing, easily a groundbreaking addition to its repertoire. Introducing Phrozen's latest masterpiece — the Arco FDM 3D printer.

With a reputation for delivering high-quality, reliable 3D printers, the Arco is no exception. As the biggest FDM printer of its kind, it boasts an impressive printing speed of up to 600 mm/s, redefining the standards of high-speed FDM printing. Let's delve into why the Arco is creating such a buzz among 3D printing enthusiasts.

Phrozen’s Debut on FDM 3D Printing 1

Arco’s Groundbreaking Features

The Arco comes packed with features that every 3D printing enthusiast dreams of. It flaunts a large printing volume, lightning-fast printing speed, super-stable low-gravity stationary bed printing, and an enforced exterior supported by four metal structures. Additionally, the printer offers enticing add-ons such as the Chroma Kit for multicolor printing and the Pentashield enclosure for enhanced printing stability.

Up to 16 Multicolor Printing

One of the standout features of the Arco is its multicolor printing capability, which was made possible by the Chroma Kit. This add-on not only allows for automatic filament changes during printing but also doubles as a dry box to maintain optimal filament conditions. Currently supporting up to four colors, Phrozen is already working on expanding the system to support even more colors and creative possibilities. The Chroma Kit works seamlessly with Phrozen's self-developed FDM slicer software — PIXUP Slicer — allowing users to also monitor printing conditions directly from the slicer when connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Phrozen’s Debut on FDM 3D Printing 2

30 mm3 Large Printing Volume

The benefits of Arco's large printing volume are undeniable. It enables users to print large models in one go, eliminating the need to divide projects into smaller parts. This not only adds convenience but further allows for continuous printing without the hassle of constant unloading and reloading due to limited printing space each time.

Phrozen’s Debut on FDM 3D Printing 3

Up to 600 m/s High-Speed Printing

Speed is Arco's next forte. With an impressive printing speed of 600 mm/s and an acceleration of 30,000 m/s², the printer is designed to tackle even large models in a short amount of time. Thanks to the dual 18 mm gears and a 9.5 torque ratio HGX extruder, the Arco can achieve printing speeds up to 12 times faster than conventional printers.

High-Quality Structure for Best Output

Phrozen's commitment to innovation is also evident in Arco's patented ultra-close cooling design. By reducing the distance between gears and the heat source, the printer ensures consistent and even extrusion performance across various materials — even tricky ones like TPU, delivering top-notch results every time.

Built with a stationary, low-gravity printing bed and reinforced structure, it further elevates its appeal. Reduced layer lines, increased stability, and a quieter printing experience are just a few of the benefits. To complete the enclosure, Phrozen also introduces its Pentashield addition to not only further diminish noise but also keep unpleasant odors, all while maintaining a steady temperature for optimal printing conditions.

Phrozen’s Debut on FDM 3D Printing 4

Phrozen's Arco FDM 3D printer has emerged as a formidable contender in the market. With its multi-color printing options, large printing volume, high-speed capabilities, and innovative design features, the Arco promises to elevate the 3D printing experience to new heights.