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25 Mar 2020

One Millionth 3D Model Uploaded to CGTrader! + Infographic

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It’s official. CGTrader now showcases one million pieces of 3D content, making it the world’s largest 3D model Marketplace! And here are a few more impressive numbers.

The vast volume of 3D models on CGTrader takes up a whopping 85 terabytes of storage space. Twenty-one million 3D models have been downloaded since 2011. And the global CGTrader community numbers 2.5 million.

How did we go from zero to hero in nine years? You can chalk that up to the vision of our founder Marius Kalytis. In 2011 he set out to create the world’s first designer friendly marketplace for 3D models.

“There were existing marketplace platforms that I had used myself as a designer but they were taking very high commissions and the designers didn’t feel appreciated. So I thought, ‘the designers deserve better’.”

So Marius built CGTrader as a platform by designers, for designers. We offer up to 80% commission to our content sellers and have built a massive global community of 2.5 million design professionals. They also benefit from technical tutorials, tips and tricks on how to create designs that sell, and direct interaction with other community members.

For 3D content users, over the last nine years CGTrader has become a 3D model go-to destination. The high quality of the 3D designs, the vast selection with easy-to-navigate categories, the ability to contact designers directly, and the attractive pricing make CGTrader a win-win proposition for everyone.

A Quick Look Back

We have definitely seen some changes and shifts since 2011. Take the 3D design tools. They have evolved and become much more sophisticated. The main 3D packages added lots of different features to allow designers to model faster and create photorealistic renderings easier. At the time of this writing, some companies, including CGTrader, are exploring ways to apply AI algorithms to accelerate 3D creation.

Over the years, the applications themselves have changed and the CGTrader Marketplace has always met the needs of its users. For example since 2014, the 3D printing industry has been a major consumer of 3D content; today there are 266,000 3D models optimised for the 3D printing industry. And there’s Augmented and Virtual Reality, used for games and retail applications. As the game engines become more popular, demand for 3D content to support game development has also skyrocketed and you will find a massive amount of 3D assets on CGTrader that reduce game development times and cost.

One Millionth 3D Model Uploaded to CGTrader! + Infographic 1

Thanks a Million

Most importantly, we would not have reached 1,000,000 models without you. CGTrader has always been a community effort and we appreciate your enthusiasm over the years. You have helped turn our vision into a reality and made CGTrader not only the world’s biggest 3D content marketplace but a place where ideas are exchanged and innovations are brought to the industries that shape our lives.

All of us at CGTrader would like to express a deep felt ‘thank you’ for your support and look forward to working with you in the months and years ahead as we continue to grow our Marketplace and our Community.