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January 19th, 2012

New Tools To Speed Up Publishing of 3D Models

It is another great day and we proudly present the new publisher! This time we focused on easing the most boring but important matters like writing tags, description and file upload. It has new user interface and unique features to help 3D artists in their publishing process.

We hope you will enjoy them!

New Tools To Speed Up Publishing of 3D Models 1

Recommended tags tool is designed to speed up the process of writing of tags. Being 3d designers ourselves we know how boring this task is. Instead of trying to come up with all possible synonyms and relevant keywords, now all you have to do is select them from the list of recommended tags. This tool will give you great insights when writing tags and make this process fast and interesting.

New Tools To Speed Up Publishing of 3D Models 2

Tags are essential part of selling process. They let Google and CGTrader search engines to drive sales to your product.

Description tips will remind authors what to write in the description. Yes, it is not easy to think about all the valuable information after long hours of modeling. Not only it is hard to remember, sometimes we don’t even know what points are interesting to our customers. We have consulted many professional sellers and gathered the most interesting points in one place. The clever filtering system will show you only relevant questions and tips.

New Tools To Speed Up Publishing of 3D Models 3

Ability to save the written description as a template is another very useful feature suggested by Sgbwolf. Saving the description is designed for those who has many products alike and want to have several descriptions at hand.

New file uploader is now much more intelligent. Now you can upload all the files at once and it will recognize which files are rendered images and which files are scenes.

There are many other small improvements, some of them are still being polished and will be introduced in coming days. Also there might be some minor bugs. If you catch them, please tell us. Stay tuned!


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