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New setting in the publisher: native format

July 31st, 2018

New setting in the publisher: native format

Attention sellers! Have you noticed you could specify the native file format of your models on CGTrader?

A native file format is a file saved in the format of the original software application used to create the file. When you save a file in a non-native format, the application has to translate the data to that new format, and some information can be distorted or omitted in the process. This means that the native format has the most precise information about your model, and customers might prefer to use it over other formats.

You can indicate the Native format in the 3D model publisher, next to the software type.

New setting in the publisher: native format 1

After you publish the model, the native format will be shown in the product page, like this:

New setting in the publisher: native format 2

Knowing which file is in the native format helps your customers use 3D models more efficiently and get the best results.

Here are some of the most popular applications and their file formats.

Application Native file format extension
3ds Max .max
Maya .ma, .mb
Blender .blend
AutoCAD .dwg
Cinema 4D .c4d
Lightwave .lwo

Update your products today: simply visit your My Products page and click the Edit action to specify the native file format or make any other changes to your model.


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RDC-Assets wrote
We had several situations with our clients about this subject. Although we detailed the consequences that could generate the use of a non-native format imported into a different software, they ended up angry with us and stating that our post-sales support was deficient. This could prevent future misunderstandings. Thank you very much for the new addition!
ZetoCG wrote
Very good idea, thank you!
alishakeri wrote
Thanks, this is a nice feature, What if the product already converted properly (material, light, camera, etc) in other formats as well? Can we have more than one native format (Maya, 3dsmax, Modo)?
piyushp7879 wrote
i hope .max, .ma, .mb, .blend, .c4d & .skp is most running extension. and i hope .3ds, .fbx , .obj format support in almost spftware.
manur-goutham wrote
This is what i was looking for , great news !!!!!