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18 Jun 2013

Need A Special 3D Model? Request It!

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Designers and studios on 3D model marketplaces are not only talented creators, but also good salespeople. The ones, who understand how a trading system works. Nevertheless, 3D model trading sometimes leads 3D designers to the endless headache of questioning themselves: what do the buyers really need? CGTrader.com has found the answer to this Hamlet-style question. Therefore, we are opening the dashboard for custom modeling. Now if you know what you want, but cannot find it - simply request for it!

There are a lot of distinct types of buyers: enthusiastic, uncertain, strict, independent, employed, lost in variety, and those, who wish to be convinced or bribed by high quality or low price, or a combination of both. Most of them know exactly what they want, others at least have an abstract idea on what they are looking for.

We have been contacted by the buyers dozens of times, requesting for custom modeling. Could we design and animate a giraffe? Would it be possible to get a particular car model designed? No? What about a yellow unique sofa? Can you design a 3D printable ring for my wife? Again, no?

From this moment you will hear no more no's. We give you our word. Now any (we mean it), even your craziest ideas will be heard. We are sure you will receive a very high quality service, because CGTrader community consists of professional and talented 3D artists, who are able to visualise your mind.

Moreover, you do not have to search for them one by one: all of them are at one place. All you have to do is to sign in at CGTrader.com and request a model. Describe what exactly you need, indicate a price, use tags, and each designer, who has put the same tags on their 3D models will receive your request. Afterwards the designers will contact you directly. Could it be any easier?

This new option is highly beneficial for both sides. Sellers are given the opportunity to monetize their talent and increase sales, while buyers get 3D models that they certainly need at the particular time. We call it successful trading, based on win-win principle.

Try it out and share your experience with us!