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Move your freelance projects to CGTrader for the lowest fees in the industry

May 10th, 2018

Move your freelance projects to CGTrader for the lowest fees in the industry

Use CGTrader 3D Jobs and 'Hire me' requests for your freelance 3D projects to take advantage of our private workspaces, escrow and payment services for a total fee of only 5%.

How it works

The 3D jobs platform is very simple. All a customer needs to do is to go to the Jobs section and fill out a simple job ad, or select an artist and click the "Hire me" button under the designer's name on the profile page.

Move your freelance projects to CGTrader for the lowest fees in the industry 1

Then, designers apply for the job, or, in case of a 'Hire me' request, provide an offer to the customer. Both sides of the job can message each other and suggest changes to the job project details before it begins. If the customer and designer reach an agreement on the price, deadline and technical details of the job, the customer prepays for the job (the money is kept in escrow), and the job begins. A separate private workplace is created to communicate, share any details, updates, progress, references, etc.

The payment is released when the customer approves the project as 'finished'.

Payments, payouts and fees

CGTrader supports a variety of payment methods, including all major credit cards and PayPal. Designers receive payouts through bank wire transfers, Paypal, Payoneer, and Webmoney. A flat 5% fee is applied to all custom 3D jobs and Hire Me requests on CGTrader.

Hire me templates

If you are a designer and want to make everything easy for your customers, you can fill out a Hire me template and send it to them. Note that at the moment your customer must have an account on CGTrader. This will change next month, when we make it possible to send Hire me templates to customers that have not registered on CGTrader yet, and give you the greatest way to move your freelance jobs to CGTrader.


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