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June 25th, 2012

Interesting CG Blogs and 3D Stock Websites #3

Browsing the Internet, we bumped to quite a few CG websites that we would like to share with you all.



Comprehensive section about 3D and computer graphics by Justin Slick on domain. The amount of information and tips available (about literally anything you can think of) on this site is rather amazing. Here you will find a lot of quality articles, references and news on 3D topic, even how or where to sell your models.


Solidsmack is a solid blog site that offers pretty much unlimited resources of information on 3D CAD, technology, design and everything else that falls under these categories. New blog posts are coming up constantly, so worth checking it out on regular basis. Also, website has a massive database of tutorial videos. As they say "Learning is about community, not just a bunch of videos", and we cannot agree more.

Lester Banks

The author and owner of this website is Lester Banks, a specialist in CG. The guy mainly works with animation, vfx and motion graphics projects. On the top of such busy lifestyle, he is also a lecturer in arts college. In his website you could find information and tutorials not only how to use 3D softwares such as Maya, Cincema4d or Softimage, but also how to work with Photoshop and After Effects in post production. Worth reading and following.


Let's have a look at some interesting online 3D sellers


Two CG artists created this website in order to sell their own 3D models. Mostly all of the models available on this website is related to motoring (3d cars, motorcycles etc.), however, just by looking at some of the models available we can already see what a high quality work the models are. So if you are looking to buy some car model for your projects - this is just a great website to look at. At the moment we are helping Squir to publish his enormous collection on CGTrader.


On this 3D marketplace you will find a great baggage full of high quality 3D models ranging from military vehicles, aircraft and watercraft to interiors, furniture and architectural details. The best pick of the site would be the affordable prices they offer without compromising on the 3D models quality. They also offer a bunch of nice free 3D models.


The company itself was established in 1997 and they closely worked with various architectural companies. However, now they decided that it's time to serve the whole community and they started to sell their designed models online for everybody. Unique selling point - they are focusing on very small, hard to find and rather detail models, however, as they say "that really complete a scene and adding the type of detail that makes people question if the image is real or not". Guys also provide 3D models for free.


This website is not an exactly online store, but 3D artist's own website that gives you some links where you can find his work online, an introductory video that shows some of his models. As you may noticed, we have quite a lot of Pumper's models available to buy on CGTrader.


One more 3D model retailer on the Web offering great variety of different models such as cars, furniture, animals and electronic devises. The prices of the models are also pretty competitive and the quality of the models are looking very good too. We are excited that the guys recently decided to join our community and upload the whole collection on CGTrader.

For now that is all we wanted to share with you, however, soon we will post some new websites for you to check out. Watch this space!


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