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How to use 3D printing to turn your house into an urban crib

June 17th, 2014

How to use 3D printing to turn your house into an urban crib

You may try to deny it, but deep down you know how much you love the how-to guides. This time we’re bringing a real bomb! In case you haven’t heard, 3D printing is rapidly expanding into all spheres of life and design is one of the key target areas. Sifting through hundreds of 3D homeware models, I can tell you right now that 3D printing is going to completely revolutionize product design and the way we see our ideas come to life. If you’re looking to create something stylish and handy for your home, but are stuck for ideas, relax – here comes our guide how to turn your house into a real urban crib.

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Start from the top

Sometimes it’s enough to change the lamp shades and a room looks different – especially when we’re talking about custom-made, super slick, 3D-printed lamp shades that can be easily matched to your furniture, color palette and even the shape of the room.

Organic inspired lamps from Nervous System

Dentelle lamp shades by Samuel Bernier

Lamp shade by Studioluminaire

Unknown artist

Little things matter

You know how fashionistas always have their pockets and bags full of cool little things – a notebook, an umbrella, a quirky watch?.. You can now use 3D printing to create absolutely unique homeware products that would surprise and impress any visitor, because it’s the little things that matter! Something along the lines of these beauties…

iPad stand by Finnish designer Saad Alayyoubi, AKA SaGaDesign

There is a new way of hanging paintings and it’s called Handvas. Handvas are 3D printed hands that attach to the wall to hold up your prints and posters in a more creative way!

3D-printed hangers by Alan Nguyen

Lightweight cable wraps designed by Eddie Licitra

3D-printed door stop by Lovenordic

3D-printed key rack by Arthur Ditlef

Bookends by Arthur Ditlef

Lunch like a prince

Pretty things go in and out of fashion, but one thing we’ll never grow tired of is food! Eating out in posh restaurants can be an expensive but totally thrilling experience, given the whole atmosphere, style and amazing meals… But why waste money on extravagant dinners in the city only to feel like a king, if you can make your kitchen look royal using 3D printing technology (and saving a pile of cash)?

3D-printed Cutlery Set by Eragatory, aka Isaïe Bloch, a designer from Ghent, Belgium

3D-printed glass by unknown artist

Dinner set by the Antwerp-based design studio Unfold

Bottle opener by AndyZoer

Square platter by madebydan

Another level of home décor

You must know that heart-wrenching feeling when you find a perfect piece to complete the interior design of your living room, but it costs more than your car? Or, even worse, you can’t find anything that matches your expectations? It doesn’t have to be or feel that way anymore. Keep calm and 3D print a gorgeous vase. Or sculpture. Or clock. Or anything else you like.

Flower pump by Veneridesign

Facet Vase by XYZ Workshop

Clock by Syvlwch

Intricate deer wall decoration by Linlin and Jacques

Deer head hooks by unknown artist

Steampunk World by MacBurro

3D-printed furniture is real

Oh, let me print you a rocking chair so we can relax on the porch... Yeap, it is possible and people are printing some absolutely state-of-art furniture pieces for everyday use all around the world. Custom-made armchairs and stool tables, stylish kitchen chairs and coffee tables that serve the purpose and greatly add to the overall style of any home. Go on and experiment, you will love it.

Wardrobe by unknown artist

Unique set of tables by unknown artist

Armchair by Joris Laarman Lab

Bathroom sink by unknown artist

Stool set by unknown artist


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