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CGTrader is nominated for the Digital Top 50 Awards!

June 5th, 2018

CGTrader is nominated for the Digital Top 50 Awards!

Just as we’re about to hit 1.5 million users, the Digital Top 50 awards, created by Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet, have turned their attention to CGTrader and nominated us for the B2C Scaleup award!

A part of the competition is the public vote, and you can help us win by casting your vote on the Tech Open Air (TOA) website:

  1. Visit
  2. Find CGTrader in the B2C Scaleup category
  3. Watch our pitch and vote!
  4. Feel our love pouring from the sky!

For the last 5 years, CGTrader has more than doubled in size annually and scaled from 10,000 users in 2013 to just shy of 1.5 million today. We have you to thank for these many milestones behind us and everything that waits for us in the future. Our hope is that you feel that everything we do is worth your vote and the win.

The Digital Top 50 Awards recognize the top entrepreneurial talent in Europe. Participants have their companies and ideas reviewed by a jury of key figures in the European tech, consulting, academic, corporate, and investment communities. 20% of the final vote is comprised of the public vote. The winners of the DT50 Awards 2018 will be announced at TOA in Berlin on 21 June.


Tell us what you think!

TechSpark wrote
Done, You are great community, company too! Love you cgtrader. :D
figster wrote
Good luck! I voted. Love CGTrader.
Mit-ua wrote
+1 Good luck guys
Urecky wrote
I think as confident as I thought until now... CGTrader has a future: loyal and attentive to customers, good royalty for the seller. And most importantly - honesty in business, it is very expensive has weight in the world. I support CGTrader with all my influence and communications in the world!
Urecky wrote
attached to the choice of colleagues online-action on resource of Facebook! Good luck and Victory!!!
aonozan wrote
Gave my vote as soon as I got email. Congrats on nomination.
onlyasif wrote
Done! Guys:)
charly-1 wrote
Done! Good luck guys. I remember the time when I was invited by Justas and you just started your way =) But then I already believed in you and my expectations were justified.
no1nja wrote
Voted and Good luck
iterateCGI wrote
My vote is in ;-)
webcraft3d wrote
Done. And you deserve it. Thank you very much for the wonderful experience as artist and seller both. :)