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Freelance with ease by bringing your clients to 3D Projects

November 6th, 2018

Freelance with ease by bringing your clients to 3D Projects

At CGTrader, we aim to empower members of our community to not only sell more 3D models, but also to work with new and existing clients. And that’s why we’re glad to tell you about another update that helps you to smoothly manage all of your freelancing projects in one place.

With our Invite a client feature, you can now easily send private freelance invitations directly to client’s inbox and bring all of your business to the 3D Projects platform. We are working to make the freelancing process smooth and streamlined – something that’s not typically possible without a dedicated platform or your own project management system.

See just how easy it is to bring your next project to the 3D Projects platform!

By inviting your external clients to 3D Projects, you can take advantage of our platform’s functionalities which will help you to:

Get paid securely – Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned freelancer, there is always some hesitation to start working with a new client. With our Escrow service, insolvent projects are no longer an issue. Every Project is prepaid in advance and your payment is kept safe by CGTrader, which means that you will be paid the agreed budget and can start working without risk.

Eliminate mundane tasks – Inviting your clients to 3D Projects also means less administrative work for you. After your invitation is accepted, CGTrader acts as an intermediary and takes care of all legal contracting and invoicing procedures for you. Thanks to 3D Projects, you can spend more time on delivering the actual Project.

Stay productive – If you’re working with numerous clients outside of CGTrader 3D Projects, you’re probably familiar with the hassle of keeping yourself organized – every client has different software preferences, communication channels and prefered ways to track progress. When you invite your customer to 3D Projects, you can both enjoy a dedicated workspace for all ongoing communication, reference sharing and feedback exchange. As an added benefit, you can also track each Project’s status and always know which Projects are active, waiting for prepayment or pending.

Earn more money – Above all, the royalty rate at the 3D Projects freelancing platform is the best in class. While other freelance sites typically charge anywhere between 10-20% in fees, we like to keep things simple – flat 5% fee for any of your Projects.

Post a comment below and let us know how 3D Projects makes your freelancing flow easier, we’re always keen to hear your experiences.


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minhthietkead wrote
I recently joined CGTrader but I was frustrated because I couldn't sell 1 model. Do not know customers do not have access to my products or do not have customers need my model, like picking a needle in the sea
erickajohn0012 wrote
I'm running a business of 3D Rendering we make model and characters of Buildings i always face problems with clients changes some clients don't give proper requirement to make after only ask for changes after projects can you give some suggestions what should i do to make my Criteria better?
falcor1984 wrote
Cuanto cambios puede pedirme un cliente o quien puede intervenir ya que los clientes podrían abusar pidiendo cambios excesivamente