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CGTrader Sets Fundraising Campaign in Motion in Support of Ukraine

March 29th, 2022

CGTrader Sets Fundraising Campaign in Motion in Support of Ukraine

To contribute to the humanitarian efforts in aid of Ukraine, CGTrader is launching fundraising initiatives across its business.

Aimed at generating donations, we now have a special two-week marketplace sale with discounts up to 70%.

Half of the proceeds generated from the "Support Ukraine 3D Model Sale" will be donated to UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency. We are also giving our sellers the option to donate a percentage of their royalties to the same charity as well.

  • To participate as a seller, go to My Sales and select the Donations tab. Sellers can then choose the percentage of royalties to be donated as well as the time period when the donation process will be active.
  • To participate as a buyer, look out for the percentage sign badge that distinguishes the designers who are taking part in the donation process. Models marked with a Ukrainian flag badge mean that the designer is from Ukraine, giving our customers another way to show their support.

In addition to this fundraising effort, CGTrader has decided to completely restrict marketplace designers from Russia and Belarus. Read the full announcement here. However, models by designers from that region that have chosen to donate 100% of their royalties will not be restricted.

If you would like to support the cause, visit the CGTrader website before the sale ends on April 7th, 2022.


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skazok wrote
I decided to donate 100% to Ukraine, thanks for this opportunity. My relatives are there. But I still think that it is not fair to do such things to Russian and Belorussian artists. I hope, that eventually, you'll see that it was wrong. PS It works in a strange way, some times I can't see the field where to chose this option(may be bad connection). Now it says that I am in, but models are still restricted.
ruthenium44 wrote
Thank you for the chance to help Ukrainian people! I am sorry for all pain for Ukraine from my country and want to help at least with money from sales...I really appreciate CGTraider for this possibility! And I hope that many designers will use this chance to help Ukrainian refugees without any resentment and aggression in this difficult times! Let's do this together!
many-jjj wrote
Thank you to the cgtrader team from all Ukrainians at this difficult time! Our nation is united in the struggle for freedom and for a peaceful future for our children in a beautiful and prosperous Ukraine. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to our defenders and heroes!
kuromorimine wrote
Thanks to cgtrader team for revealing your true nationalist and rusophobic nature. Thanks for fighting against ordinary people from Russia and Belarus who can't do a thing in current situation. I'd better download all my purchased models and leave your platform forever - there are better alternatives, like cults3d. Wish you stop being such a trash.
filosofolibero wrote
Внимание! Такие донаты подпадают под уголовную ответственность в России и Беларуси! Власти это расценят как помощь вражескому государству! Будьте осторожны. Attention! Such donations are subject to criminal liability in Russia and Belarus! The authorities will regard this as helping an enemy state! Be careful.
AlexKLS wrote
Никакой уголовной ответственности за такие донаты нет. Это помощь ООН для беженцев и гуманитарных кризисов, это помощь не для военных а для мирных граждан оказавшихся в сложных ситуациях. There is no criminal liability for such donations. This is UN aid for refugees and humanitarian crises, this is aid not for the military, but for civilians in difficult situations.
aifox wrote
yakutza wrote
Как всегда страдают от сайта люди испытывающие эмпатию и сострадание, а пропутинские просто проходят мимо и их это никак не задевает. Поставлю пожертвование, но как только это все закончится свалю с этого конченного ресурса.
yakutza wrote
Как всегда от действий сайта страдают только те люди, которые испытывают к украинцам эмпатию и сострадание, а пропутинские просто проходят мимо. Я конечно поставлю пожертвование 100%, но как только закончится это все свалю с этого конченного ресурса и не то, что никогда его не порекомендую, потрачу все силы на то, чтобы отговорить всех моих знакомых им пользоваться. Спасибо.
no-on-31 wrote
I hope everyone stays safe.