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CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords in the First Half of 2017

June 21st, 2017

CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords in the First Half of 2017

We are really happy that designers on CGTrader are interested in marketplace insights and trends, and we really happy to have received such a positive feedback since seller analytics have been launched. There are so many things to consider that no dashboard would ever (or maybe..?) be detailed enough to give all information possible. However, we believe you will love some insights from our internal search - the most searched keywords based on the data from the first half of 2017.

CGTrader's Top Searched Keywords in the First Half of 2017 1

Though only two keywords stayed in the same positions – sofa and plant, overall not so much has changed in the rank since the last time it was reviewed . Interestingly, keyword carpet is no longer a member of the team – it even doesn’t enter the 3rd tenth this time. Car, on the other hand (probably, as it supposed to be for these fast beasts), defeated the keyword chair and made it to the very top of the rank. Same thing happened with tableand tree– they just swapped their places. What surprised us the most was a powerful break in of the jewelry (seems like 3D printing enthusiasts are around), which now stands before lamp, bed and other furniture goodies. Woman and man are also astonishing – same objects took a place in the first twenty, though never before had they took such positions. Other keywords that left changed minimally – 1 or 2 places up or down.

OK, so to sum up, what do customers want to see on CGTrader? A world full of cars with loads of women and men in it, wearing luxurious jewelry and having fun in it. Oh, and no carpets allowed!

If you are up for some 3D modeling, you now know how to fulfill the dreams of our marketplace customers.


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LemonadeCG wrote
Let's see, i have models that could fit into 10 out of 30 top keywords. Definitely there's a room to improve :] Thanks for such info! Maybe next time we can get top20 keywords that turns in to sales? ;]
madefun3d wrote
I wonder how much of the search data is actually from the designers researching the market. If I am planning to make a chair, I will certainly search and look for all the chairs in the store to figure out what kind of chair I should do, but I wont be buying any model.