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CGTrader, Magic Leap & IKAR Present AR Innovations for Omnichannel Retail Fashion

July 31st, 2019

CGTrader, Magic Leap & IKAR Present AR Innovations for Omnichannel Retail Fashion

CGTrader is working with apparel design and manufacturing company, IKAR, to transform traditional fashion visualization using 2D images and paper catalogs into engaging and immersive 3D and AR customer experiences for its intimate apparel and activewear lines. This includes providing photorealistic 3D models to IKAR via the new all-inclusive, scalable CGTrader ARsenal augmented reality solution. CGTrader is also teaming up with Magic Leap, a leading spatial computing platform, to explore new interactive spatial 3D applications for consumers purchasing garments, both for at-home shoppers and end-of-aisle experiences.

High-end digital collections and virtual catwalks with AR

IKAR designs and manufactures seamless garments that can be found in retail stores such as American Eagle, Target, Ross, and Nordstrom. Moving from a flat 2D presentation to 3D and AR experiences for its fashion industry customers provides numerous advantages. It allows IKAR to depict seamless apparel on 3D fashion models without incurring the cost or time of traditional photoshoots. It will also help them to present complete digital 3D fashion collections, including all designs, colors, styles, and combinations, without having to invest in physically producing individual garment samples. Bringing the digital world seamlessly into the physical also will allow IKAR to create immersive, engaging, and sales-inducing customer experiences – including virtual fashion shows – in any environment, such as trade shows, sales meetings, in-store, and online.

To achieve this, IKAR will use CGTrader’s recently-launched AR solution, CGTrader ARsenal, which provides a breakthrough in the way retailers plan, implement and finance 3D product visualization. As the first complete, easy-to-deploy AR solution for this industry, CGTrader ARsenal includes all the capabilities and services required to quickly and efficiently integrate AR for online stores, enabling shoppers to experience products in an immersive, interactive environment.

CGTrader, Magic Leap & IKAR Present AR Innovations for Omnichannel Retail Fashion 1

3D model of IKAR’s active wear by CGTrader ARsenal

“A garment will create a greater attraction when presented on a human model rather than lying flat or on a hanger. However, such presentations require a considerable amount of resources such as photoshoots, human models and more,” says Roi Ballin, Business Development Manager, IKAR. “For us, CGTrader ARsenal provides an immediate solution for a more elevated mean to present our products, while eliminating the need to invest in expensive 3D software, internal training, project management, other internal resources or upfront investments for 3D implementation. We can cost-effectively outsource the 3D modeling and 3D viewing processes so we can focus on what we do best. This is transforming our whole approach to the way we think about pre-sales and fashion product presentations.”

CGTrader, Magic Leap & IKAR Present AR Innovations for Omnichannel Retail Fashion 2

Original presentation of IKAR’s active wear in 2D

Looking forward, CGTrader is working with Magic Leap to explore how its advanced spatial computing technology can offer IKAR the opportunity to develop end-of-aisle and other advanced immersive customer experiences. Both companies will continue to explore how this application can be extended to at-home shoppers and take interaction with AR models to the next level. With Magic Leap Lightwear devices, consumers would have the ability to visualize 3D fashion models wearing garment collections at-home and be able to interact with the model by changing the desired color, shape or style of the garment via AR menu choices.

CGTrader, Magic Leap & IKAR Present AR Innovations for Omnichannel Retail Fashion 3 Magic Leap One Creator Edition Magic Leap One Creator Edition - Device

Furniture and home décor retailers, including Fatboy and Garten und, have already partnered with CGTrader to upgrade their e-Commerce sites to immersive 3D and AR. CGTrader CEO Dalia Lasaite is excited about the huge potential of this also for fashion. “Just as IKAR’s seamless apparel creates a better experience for the buyer, so does CGTrader ARsenal that brings a better customer experience to the retail buyer. Working with IKAR has given us the perfect opportunity to expand the scope of our augmented reality solutions to include omnichannel retail. And collaborating with Magic Leap will enable us to explore interactive spatial computing experiences for fashion and other industries that eliminate the boundaries between the real and digital worlds.”

The combined CGTrader/Magic Leap approach to spatial computing can be applied to product categories beyond fashion, creating transformational retail experiences for consumers across the board.

CGTrader’s Keynote Presentation with IKAR and Magic Leap

Visit CGTrader at Booth 18 throughout the CommerceNext conference. Attendees are invited to attend the CGTrader keynote on August 1 at 2:15pm, presented by CGTrader CEO, Dalia Lasaite, who will be joined by Reut Nevo, Creative Director, IKAR and Vivek Sharma, Senior Director Enterprise Sales, Magic Leap.


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