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​CGTrader Insights: How Categories Of Models Link Together?

June 9th, 2016

​CGTrader Insights: How Categories Of Models Link Together?

Let’s take a look at the behavior of buyers who do buy models from several categories and how those categories relate to each other!

The thickness of the line indicates how often the same buyers bought from related categories. The size of the nodes denote the buyers’ interest in the category in general.

Low Polygon Models

For example, buyers who buy character models are often also interested in animal and weapon models - useful categories for a variety of games, from RPGs to FPSs to even hunting games. We can also see a strong link between buying plants and architectural exteriors, hinting at the possibility that these categories mainly attract architectural studios. Modelers who don’t aim to specialize should consider these links when developing new models!

​CGTrader Insights: How Categories Of Models Link Together? 1

Note: the graph ignores relationships that happened less than 5 times

3D Print Models

3D print models are usually more individual purchases, but it seems that the strongest connections radiate out from the art section, and connects it to miniatures, jewelry and house (and a barely felt connection to games and toys). These three are also interconnected. On the other hand, miniatures is the strongest node, but with weaker connections that (besides the already mentioned) lead quite strongly to Games & Toys, while the weaker ones go to Hobby & DIY and Fashion.

​CGTrader Insights: How Categories Of Models Link Together? 2

CG Models

CG, however, is insanely interconnected and features some really strong connections between nodes. Car, probably the biggest node (followed by character/human) has a dominant connection of vehicle. Household is one of the smallest nodes, but has some really strong connections to basically everything else (but not furniture set, for some reason). Overall, we can see that specializing in cars and vehicles or both architectural interiors and architectural exteriors can pay off!

​CGTrader Insights: How Categories Of Models Link Together? 3

Note: relationships removed if less than 25 buyers purchased the two categories

There you have it, good folks: the intertwined networks of model purchases! We hope you find this information relevant and helpful!, and it will guide your career to greater success! And if you haven't done it already, check out the big CGTrader infograph on low-polygon market!


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