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CGTrader Goes eBay

April 9th, 2013

CGTrader Goes eBay

There are several ways to go about implementing a vision. We have ours. For the last 4 months we had a single goal. It got us so addicted to what we do that it made our office our second home. It resulted in bottomless cups of coffee and tea, sleepless nights for the programmers, loads of stress and code combinations, dozens of chocolate bars and a serious headache on how to make a dream come true.

Today we are proudly announcing the grand launch of the improved CGTrader platform! This product is built from scratch by our talented team - which gives us freedom to easily add extra features and improvements in the future. We are excited to tell that our vision is now closer than ever before.

CGTrader was started with the aim to democratize the rapidly growing 3D model market. We had the goal to establish a buyer and designer friendly, low-commission marketplace, where interaction between both sides is convenient and direct. Although creating a new platform is just a small step in our quest, we hope that it will make buying and selling easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

New and Fresh

Turbo-prices were burnt and there are a dozen of new features for you:

- Possibility to negotiate the price. There are many amazons in this industry, but so far there was no ebay. Do not worry, now there is. So, CGTrader goes eBay! Every buyer now has an opportunity to make a price offer for the desired 3D model, and negotiate it with the seller.

Our experience shows that the price is one of the key issues when choosing a 3D model for some buyers. From now on, if a price of a 3D model is not in line with buyer’s expectations - he is always able to “make an offer”! Sellers on CGTrader earn over 90% of royalties on average, so we believe they will more than happy to bargain and, as a result - to increase their sales. This feature also reflects our attitude towards the 3D market - be flexible and get more sales.

- Improved buyer experience. After surveying the buyers’ needs, we found out which improvements in our system are the most necessary. Extra features include expanded and more precise product search, including filtering and sorting. Product support became much more convenient, allowing to send questions and support messages to the authors, as well as to rate and comment on purchased models.

- Easier 3D model publishing and management. The process of uploading 3D models to CGTrader is now considerably easier. Product management system is remade to be more practical: you can edit titles and prices, make discount on several products at once directly in "My Products" list.

- CGTrader credits and automatic activation. There is no more manual 3D model activation! All you need to do is just purchase credits and keep selling - model activation will take care of itself.

- Easier interaction. Contact 3D designers directly. Leave comments on your favorite 3D models. Evaluate. Ask for tips. Join the expanding community of CGTrader on social networks. Stay tuned-in!

CGTrader has completely revamped the design of the marketplace and now offers more contemporary, consistent and clearer experience. And there are lots of helpful features and updates waiting ahead in order to make this marketplace more functional for you.

Despite all these changes, our goal stays the same - to ensure the best conditions for 3D model buyers and sellers. So, join us. Stay with us. Let's make a change together.


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