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Black Friday–Cyber Monday promotions were a great success for designers

November 30th, 2018

Black Friday–Cyber Monday promotions were a great success for designers

This year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have really been exceptional, making last weekend the most successful in CGTrader’s history!

Three times more buyers bought models during the Black Friday / Cyber Monday promotions at CGTrader. Large discount offers brought in over 300% more revenue – up to 95% of it going to designers on the site.

As usual, all designers on CGTrader could choose to opt-in to participate in this sale and set their own discount rate. The freedom to manage their pricing is integral to our designers-first principle. And, as Black Friday rolled around, more designers opted to give discounts on their 3D models.

We know that Black Friday brings in many new customers. Everyone expects large discounts. We wanted to make Black Friday and Cyber Monday special this year. So we had to look for a way to offer an exceptional deal without hurting the designers. We decided to forego the majority of our fee to increase the discount. This means, that designers benefited from up to a 95% royalty rate during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotional sales. As always, payments for this month's sales will be transferred before the 20th of the next month, making the holiday preparations easier for thousands of designers around the world.

This promotion was a win-win deal for both buyers and designers, as designers could sell more models and receive the same revenue from each sale, and buyers could take advantage of discounts up to 70%.

What’s in it for us? Simple – we’re leading the 3D content revolution, making 3D models easy to sell, find, purchase and use. Our goal is to bring more businesses, entrepreneurs, developers and everyday consumers into the 3D world. Sure, we might earn less in the short term, but we believe that spreading the use of 3D content through availability and accessibility will be more beneficial to everyone in the long run.

Were the Black Friday-Cyber Monday promotions successful for you? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments section!


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ZbrushingMX wrote
Yes, My Sales chart are increasing Year by Year, CGT Team Know's how to do it great, CGT are the best 3D Marketplace.
iterateCGI wrote
Sales is always good but indeed was exceptional on this Black Friday, actually set a new personal record ;-)