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11 Jul 2023

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing

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In an age where the ability to create is literally at our fingertips, 3D printing is quickly transforming from an industrial novelty to an everyday utility. From its early days this technology has evolved to print in a variety of materials, creating functional objects that can be used in our daily lives. At CGTrader, we've taken note of this trend and have gathered a collection of 3D print ready models to demonstrate the possibilities of this technology in our everyday lives.

Many of us are familiar with the industrial applications of 3D printing - it has been instrumental in sectors like aerospace, healthcare, and automotive for prototyping and production. But what about the household applications? The hobbyist creations? The personal solutions? This article aims to shine a light on the practicality, creativity, and diverse utility of 3D printing in everyday scenarios.

Whether you're a beginner just exploring the limitless potential of 3D printing, or an experienced user looking for your next intricate project, we've got you covered. Let's take a look at 20 real-world examples, showcasing the potential of 3D printing for everyday use, while also exploring some of the exceptional models available on CGTrader.

1. Phone Stand ($7.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 1

Gone are the days of improvising phone stands out of random household objects. With this 3D-printable Flexible Phone Stand you get an ingenious solution for hands-free viewing or video chatting with friends and family. Not only is it compact and easy to print, but it boasts the ability to bend and twist to accommodate a range of surfaces. Perfect for use in your home, at your desk, or even during your travels, this phone stand brings a touch of 3D-printed convenience to your digital life.

2. Tablet holder ($5.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 2

Ease into your digital activities with the comfort of our 3D-printable Tablet Holder. This holder is perfect for anyone who enjoys using their tablet hands-free. Whether you're watching videos, reading a recipe, or making a video call, this model has you covered. It's easy to print, easy to use, and sure to make your tablet time more enjoyable. Don't just hold your tablet, let this personalized holder do it for you.

3. Headphone stand ($7.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 3

For those with a passion for music, professionals and gamers, headphones are an integral part of daily life. A tidy desk is a productive one, and a Headphone Stand is the perfect solution for eliminating clutter while keeping your headphones within easy reach. Elegantly designed and structurally sound, this stand is a testament to the practical and aesthetic prowess of 3D printing. The design is not only functional but also a stylish addition to your workspace or entertainment center, adding a modern touch while showcasing your headphones.

4. GPU Support ($4.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 4

Every modern day heavy graphics card needs all the gpu support it can get! This practical model is perfect for any PC builder, providing much-needed support for heavy graphics cards. It helps to prevent GPU sag, ensuring your setup remains safe and runs efficiently. This simple-to-print, easy-to-install support is a must-have for any PC enthusiast. Experience the satisfaction of printing a crucial part of your setup right at home.

5. Camera tripod ($8.99)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 5

Are you looking to capture the perfect photo? This model of a 3D-printable Camera Tripod can help. It's light, easy to put together, and works great for photos inside and outside. Plus, you can move it around to get the best angle for your shot. This isn't just a useful tool, it's also a cool way to use 3D printing. If you've ever wanted a tripod that you can say you made yourself, this is your chance.

6. Pen Holder ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 6

Keep your pens and pencils in one place by printing your own pen holder. But it's not just any pen holder. You can add your own text to the base! Maybe you want your name, a quote or a date. Whatever you choose, it will make your pen holder one-of-a-kind. It's an easy and fun way to keep your desk tidy while adding a personal touch.

7. Cables, usb flash drives and SD cards holder ($5.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 7

If you're tired of digging through drawers for your cables, flash drives, or SD cards, we've got the perfect solution. An easy to 3D print holder for your hardware keeps everything organized and easy to find. It's simple to print and puts an end to the mess. You'll always know where your tech accessories are, and you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you printed the holder yourself. Now, keeping your desk clean is as easy as hitting the print button.

8. Toothbrush case ($5.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 8

Traveling or just keeping your toothbrush clean at home is a breeze with a 3D-printable case for your toothbrush. It's simple to print and use, and it's a great way to keep your toothbrush safe and clean. You won't need to worry about your brush touching anything it shouldn't. Plus, you can choose your favorite color or design for your case, so it's truly yours. A clean toothbrush has never been so easy!

9. Bottle opener ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 9

Ever struggled with a stubborn bottle cap? Just quickly 3D print your own bottle cap opener and worry no more. This practical, easy-to-use tool is perfect for any kitchen or party setting. Designed to provide a comfortable grip and effective cap removal, it's your go-to solution for hassle-free beverage enjoyment. And what could be a better conversation starter than using a handy tool you've printed yourself?

10. Bag clip ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 10

Keep your snacks fresh and crunchy by using a bag clip to seal your bag of snacks. This model is the hero your pantry needs, helping seal bags tightly to ensure freshness. Simple, yet practical, the bag clip is a shining example of the functional potential of 3D printing. Say goodbye to stale chips or loose bag ends and hello to a more organized, waste-free snack time. Plus, it's a neat little project you can print in an array of colors to match your kitchen theme.

11. Whistles ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 11

Are you ready to make some noise? These 3D-printable whistles come in two versions, ensuring you have the right tool for any situation. Whether you're a sports coach, a teacher, or you simply need a loud, clear signal, these whistles won't let you down. Easy to print and assemble, these whistles are a testament to the practical, everyday solutions that 3D printing offers. Plus, it's always fun to use a tool that you've printed yourself. Choose one or both, and make your “voice” heard.

12. Garden pots: A big collection of 50 models ($99.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 12

Looking to liven up your living space? Consider sprinkling some greenery around using your very own 3D printed garden pots. These pots are perfect for bringing a touch of nature to your home, allowing you to mix and match designs, play around with different plants or herbs, and watch your indoor or outdoor space transform into your personal green sanctuary. It's all the fun of gardening, plus a dash of tech innovation!

13. Cable organizer ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 13

Say goodbye to tangled cables with this 3D-printable Cable Organizer. This useful tool helps keep your cables neat and easy to find, making your workspace or entertainment center look clean and organized. It's easy to print and use, saving you from the frustration of messy cables. With this cable organizer, you'll have a practical solution to cable management, right at your fingertips.

14. Tissue box

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 14

A 3D-printable box to store your tissues brings convenience to your home. This model provides a neat home for your tissues, making them easily accessible while adding a modern touch to your decor. It's a practical print, easy to assemble and refill. Enjoy the blend of functionality and design that 3D printing offers with this unique addition to your home.

15. Complete Hobby Storage Kit ($34.30)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 15

Organize your hobby materials in style with this 3D-printable Complete Hobby Storage Kit. This kit includes different models with multiple compartments for all your hobby needs, helping to keep your space tidy and your materials easy to find. Whether you're into painting, model building, or any craft, this storage kit is easy to print and assemble, making your hobby time more efficient and enjoyable. Get organized and get crafting with this storage solution.

16. Detachable Desk Bin ($5.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 16

Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free with this 3D-printable Detachable Desk Bin. This compact bin is designed to be attached and detached from your desk easily, providing a convenient place to toss waste without taking up much space. It's an easy print, simple to install, and makes a big difference in maintaining a tidy workspace. Whether you're crafting, drawing, or just doing paperwork, this desk bin is a practical addition to any desk.

16. Ergonomic Cat Bowl

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 17

Take care of your furry friend's health with an ergonomic feeding bowl like this one. Designed to prevent reflux and improve digestion, this pet bowl is elevated and angled for your cat's comfort and health. It's an easy print and a practical addition to your pet's feeding routine. Now, feeding your cat can be a healthier and more comfortable experience, thanks to the possibilities of 3D printing.

17. Intricate and Modern Lamp ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 18

Illuminate your space in a whole new way with this Intricate and Modern Lamp. This model, inspired by neural networks, brings a touch of magic and exploration to any room. When lit, it casts a complex network of shadows, reminiscent of the human nervous system, sparking curiosity and conversation. Easy to print yet complex in design, this lamp exemplifies the fusion of art, science, and functionality that 3D printing can achieve.

18. Cookie Cutter Pack ($4.49)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 19

Ready to go on a baking adventure? We have a pack of Cookie Cutters ready to be 3D printed for this exact occasion. This set is jam-packed with 18 fun shapes that are perfect for jazzing up any bake-off, or just for when you feel like having a blast in the kitchen. Printing these cutters is as easy as pie, and using them? Well, that's where the real fun begins! Whether you're having a cookie-making showdown with the kids or want to sprinkle some extra magic into your homemade treats, these cutters add a personal twist to your baking shenanigans. So, buckle up and dive into the world of fun, personalized baking with your own uniquely shaped cookies!

19. Bag Holder ($3.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 20

Make carrying multiple bags a breeze by printing your own bag holder. This model offers a convenient handle, allowing you to carry several bags at once comfortably and efficiently. Gone are the days of straining your hands with multiple bag handles. With this easy-to-print and robust bag holder, you can transport your groceries, shopping bags, or any load with ease. Experience a new level of comfort in your daily tasks with this practical 3D print.

20. Wine Bottle Holder ($5.00)

Beyond the Industry: Everyday Uses for 3D Printing 21

Elevate your wine display with the help of a stylish wine bottle holder that you print yourself . This stylish model provides a secure and elegant way to showcase your favorite bottle. Perfect for your kitchen countertop or dining table, it's a functional piece of decor that wine lovers will appreciate. Easy to print and impressive in design, this wine bottle holder is proof of the aesthetic and practical potential of 3D printing.

So, there you have it! 3D printing is no longer just about big industries and complex machinery. It's also about phone stands tailored for your comfort, kitchen and garden aids, and all the fun and practical things you can create right at home.

At CGTrader, we've got something for everyone - whether you're just starting out with 3D printing or you're someone looking for fun prints looking to elevate your everyday life. Remember, the models we've shown are just the tip of the iceberg. There's a whole world of 3D printing waiting for you in our marketplace. So why wait? Dive in, start exploring, and let's make some really cool stuff together one print at a time. Now that's pretty awesome!