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Autodesk’s 3ds Max is now integrated with CGTrader: effective processes and the start of new trend

April 21st, 2017

Autodesk’s 3ds Max is now integrated with CGTrader: effective processes and the start of new trend

April 19, 2017 Autodesk is launching an update to its most popular 3D software's 3ds Max Asset Library. With a bunch of other features such as adding custom thumbnails, deep search of 3ds Max files by stats such as face count, renderer type, or version, a significant upgrade comes to the library of assets itself. With this new integration with CGTrader, 3ds Max users can now access the library of thousands of 3D models without leaving the native environment.

The user’s local file storage remains the default repository, but it allows to add CGTrader as additional source free of charge via Autodesk App Store. Stored within Autodesk’s Cloud, the CGTrader can be browsed in online mode. Users already aware of CGTrader’s categorization of assets can easily follow similar structure to find the models needed while those with a clear idea of the model needed can also use search. Designers looking through the assets will be shown key technical details such as license types and polygon counts, so finding the right assets becomes an even easier task. The library will display both free and premium assets, which can then be purchased with a quick one-step checkout process.

Preview of CGTrader library on 3ds Max Asset Library

Autodesk’s 3ds Max is now integrated with CGTrader: effective processes and the start of new trend 1

Dalia Lašaitė, the CEO of CGTrader, says that this integration is one of the first example of where the whole CG ecosystem is heading and users can expect more of similar features in the future from CGTrader, software developers and other industry players. “CGTrader is extremely happy to be partnering with the leading 3d software developer. 3ds Max is lone of the most popular modeling software in professional designer community on CGTrader and stock 3D models are becoming more and more acknowledged as a way to save resources not compromising on quality. We strongly believe that having this integration makes the processes and whole system more efficient - finding extra assets within the core working environment keeps designers more focused, incentivizes to complete simpler tasks and scenes with assets that are already out there and frees time for more exciting work like animating or creating focal elements of scenes”, explains Dalia.

CGTrader has always been an extremely open platform with inclusive community, where every designer irrespective of his experience with 3D is welcomed. But this is the principle that CGTrader has also followed in making strategic business decisions. There are surely many improvements that can be done to CGTrader’s own platform to make it more user-friendly, but at the same time it has its own limits. Many important improvements to usability and user experience can actually stem from tying systems together, ensuring smooth transitions rather than perfecting an isolated node, and combining expert knowledge of different companies within CG.

“We strongly believe that these kinds of integrations will become more common across the industry and grow in scale, and we are excited to work with such an amazing technical team as Autodesk’s to explore these opportunities.”, adds Dalia.


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Great to hear! Will there be anyway for us creators to use analytics to see if a model was downloaded or bought or maybe even viewed from the 3ds Asset Library?
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This is great news. So at one time did a turbosquid. And since then he has taken over the market. Congratulations cgtrader and I hope now there will be a lot of sales.
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