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25 Photorealistic Landscape 3D Renderings: If Only Those Places Existed

April 24th, 2014

25 Photorealistic Landscape 3D Renderings: If Only Those Places Existed

After freezing cold winter finally came long waited spring. Just several steps separate us from the summertime all of us are dreaming about. Summer season for some of us means laying at the beach on the seaside, for others – riding a bike to work, going to the village for a rest, gathering berries in the forest, travelling abroad: climbing the mountains or maybe visiting exotic places.

Unfortunately, those several steps are still separating us from the warmest season through the year. Therefore, today one of the options what can be done is watching pictures of the extraordinary or maybe just simple, but extremely cozy places. Those places, which we will guide you through, are created by computer graphics artists. They cannot be found on our planet, but who says that traveling in your dreams is not traveling?

By Marek Denko

This render called „Lost lake“ has a worth-sharing story behind. The author of started to work on it in the end of 2008 and, due to loads of work and travel, he did not finish this 3D art work. After he finally decided to complete it, he had an accident with his personal computer. „This render is the only thing left I found from this lost project. So I called it Lost Lake“, - said Marek.

This view for me associates with a complete peace of mind and calmness. Fortunately, this lake is not completely lost and this render did not disappear, therefore, we all can get calmer looking at it.

By Alex Alvarez

„After two months of obsessing over plants, grass and trees, I think I've got my workflow down“, - says Alex, the author of the render. He spent 1,5 days executing this piece of art, not including the time he spent for building the library of plants, trees and other materials. I believe the scene, which looks extremely impressive, proves that it is worth to spend plenty of time for preparation to create such a realistic render.

Software used: Maya, Mental Ray, Photoshop, Zbrush.

By Dragos Jieanu

This render creates a specific atmosphere: something threatening and ominous is in the air and the sky warns that a storm is ahead. It looks extremely realistic, even the spaceship is not ruining such an impression.

Dragos Jieanu says that computer graphics have been attracting him since he was 10 years old: „When we only had some old Commodore computer, I had to write a couple of lines just to draw a circle: that was the beginning of my CG exploration“.

It looks like many years of practice really makes perfect, doesn't it?

By Arek Tomaszewski

There is something mystical in this piece of 3D art: hollowed face of a dwarf illuminated by the sun light. Its rays are falling down on a grass and this divides the render into two parts: bright and sunny at one side and and shady and dark on the other.

This render is a part of a group project completed at Platige Image course. Hopefully, it was highly graded.

Software used: Maya, 3dmax, Ivy , Vray , Photoshop.

By Alberto Trujillo

Beauty of the autumn – that is how this render could be named. It also has a great story behind. The imaginary forest was created by Alberto Trujillo for the first birthday of his son Nicolás. Alberto hopes that his son will appreciate it when he gets older. „I have always dreamed of waking up in my own room and seeing that it came to life and this is what I tried to catch in this image“, - says author.

Software used: Zbrush, Nuke.

By Ben Pretorius

If you have ever been travelling to the mountains, this render will bring the memories from the journey back as the view is created in such an accurate and realistic way. Natural colors, reflection of the mountains and azure sky in the water - those elements are making this 3D landscape look completed and the viewers – passionate to travel more.

By Axel Ritter

3D render made by Axel Ritter definitely is extraordinary and eye-catching one, because of its intensive colors and flamboyancy. His works are usually composed with plants, underwater creatures and sci-fi graphics. In this case it is a fern, which is so highly detailed (look at the dewdrop!) that takes a breath away.

By Johannes Rosenberg

This 3D render can be added to the list of those, which are taking a breath away as it feels like standing on the top of the world and looking down on it.

An interesting point is that the author of this render is a developer of the professional terrain generator called GeoControl. The concept of it is revolutionary as it opens up totally new dimensions of creating virtual landscapes. GeoControl combines both artistic tools and semi-scientific algorithms.

It seems that this terrain generator is amazing as it helps to create such an extraordinary and realistic scenes.

By Aron Kamolz

If I did not know that this is not a photo of a real place, I would be sure that it is. The author of the render – Aron Kamolz – he is considering himself an amateur, but his works definitely look like made by a high level professional. „When I got my first personal computer I started doing digital art and I fell in love with it“, - told the author.

By Alessandro Mancini

This 3D render reminds of the amazing scenes, which could be seen from the window of the airplane: countless mountains and their tops, a delicate thin layer of clouds and... A fear of flying. Realism of a highly detailed and feeling of freedom creating render even makes it easier to imagine that you are flying while looking at it.

By Jordan Sourtchev

All the colors of this render blending together are creating a perfect harmony. This outstanding 3D work definitely looks amazingly realistic considering all the details: from the relief to the grass fading in sand.

„I wanted to create one of those nice and hot evenings“, - said Jordan Sourtchev. I believe he succeeded. By the way, he added that the music of Jean Michel Jarre as an inspiration for him. Let‘s think about listening to Jean Michel Jarre more, who knows, maybe he will inspire someone else for creating something so uncommon and extraordinary?

By Stanislav Klabik

This 3D render not only looks impressively real, but also has a meaningful history. The place is called „Wolf‘s Lair“, which was Adolf Hitler‘s first Eastern Front military headquarters in World War II and a place of assassination attempt in 20th July, 1944.

„Idea for this project came from needing to make something really different, to make a totally different visualizations and from needing to make something with World War II as a theme“, - said Stanislav. The author succeeded for sure as this work is really exceptional.

Software used: 3ds max, Photoshop, Maxwell.

By Rodrigo Gelmi

Rodrigo Gelmi is a talented artist, which has a great ability to combine realism and futurism in a one 3D render. This artist could be called a jungle expert as the trees in this piece of art are created in an accurate and highly detailed way that creates a specific atmosphere. It catches an eye and a desire to step into this green heaven arises.

Software used: Modo3D, Photoshop.

By Gustavo GroppoThe render called „Red Lake“ somehow reminds of the paintings created by the exceptionally talented French impressionist Claude Monet maybe because this piece of art freezes a moment and creates an impression. An impression of extreme tranquility and harmony.

Gustavo Groppo‘s style of work is based on the photo and hyperrealism, which seeks to portray the reality in a faithful and accurate way. „Red Lake“ illustrates it perfectly without any doubts.

By Alex Roman

This render is one of the scenes from the short movie called „The Third & The Seventh“, which is a combination of photo realistic renderings and stylish cinematography of computer graphics. An idea of Alex Roman got a lot of buzz because of its exclusivity.

„After being trained in traditional painting at a few academies, I discovered this other world called CG. After school, I made the move to Madrid and began working at a visual effects company“, - this was the beginning, which leaded to the impressive projects.

By Daniel Respaud

Daniel Respaud is known for his detailed and picturesque landscapes. The render called „Chaos“ justifies its name: the picture really looks a bit chaotic and it takes time to see all the smallest details, but at the same time it is well balanced, especially in a perspective of the colors.

„At 11/12 years old, I had become interested in computers, and I liked to draw. With time, both of those interests merged and the computer is a way to help me with the difficulties I have in drawing, such as accurate perspective. It's a way for me to focus on something I really like: composition, colors and atmospheres “, - tells Daniel.

By Olivier Vernay Kim

Peaceful winter in the countryside – this 3D render seems so homey that even now, during the period of warm spring, there comes a wish to appear in such a place as it is in the picture.

Olivier has been working mostly for video game cinematics and trailers and he really knows how to do this in a professional way – his art is realistic and at the same time creating a fairy-like atmosphere.

LightRay Company

The most suitable word for describing this render could be majestic. It makes to feel the power of nature.

For the creation of this scene a matte painting technique is used, which is considered as a painted representation of a landscape or set and allows filmmakers to create the illusion of an environment that is non-existent in real life. Then, 3D techniques are used for finalizing the work.

By Ronek Bekerman

This highly detailed render creates a particularly warm atmosphere. A definite beauty of nature is created by the verdant flora: various flowers, slender birches, flowing river. Almost every part of the render is covered with the sunlight and even just looking at it is easy to feel the warmth of the spring.

Ronen Bekerman mostly is working on 3D architectural visualization projects, but seems like he is a great professional in creating 3D landscapes, too.

By Glen Bruckland, f10studios

Impressively huge jungle, waterfalls in the distance, spectacular mountains in the horizon – this render combines diverse elements of nature, but, surprisingly, it still looks balanced and in a perfect harmony.

Software used: V-ray, 3D Max, Photoshop, Forest Pro.

Modelling by Giorgio Luciano, Lighting and Rendering by Arnas Gaudutis

Watching at this render it is particularly easy to imagine yourself laying in this 3D grass as it seems so real that it is not hard even to imagine the smell of the forest in the summertime.

Giorgio Luciano by his profession is a scientist. It can be pretty surprising as art and science (he studied Chemistry) are fairly different fields, but, as Giorgio says: „I think Art and Science are two faces of the same coin“. Who will argue after looking at this magical work? Nobody, I guess.

By Evermotion

Moving forward through the seasons, we are stepping up into multi-colored autumn. The beginning of the autumn has its charm and it is easily visible by looking at this highly detailed peace of art.

The lightening and all the trees with its variously colored fallen leaves create such an atmosphere, which calls to dive into the sea of colors.

Software used: V-ray, 3ds max.

By Lars Braad Andersen

The realistic render called „Romantic Landscape with Bicycles“ was among the top 12 finalists in the environment contest and there is no question on how did that happen.

The title of this piece of art fits it precisely. „The picture is deliberately intended to hint at 19th century romantic style painting, but the presence of two "modern" bicycles - male and female - gives the title a double meaning“, -says Lars.

By Thelby Clark

This render definitely reminds how the Grand Canyon looks like. The author combines both flora and fauna into one work. Of course, the plants – trees and bushes – are not brightly colored and densely located. It helps to create the atmosphere of a desert, which is extremely exotic and on the one hand it can look quite empty, but on the other hand after looking at the picture for a longer period of time, it is seen that the render is highly detailed and created with accuracy.

Software used: Terragen, DAZ Studio, X-Frog, Photoshop.

By Toni Bratincevic

It feels like home when looking at this render. The artist has succeeded to create a cozy and warm atmosphere in this piece of art. By the way, Toni mentions that the biggest inspiration for him is his parents and his wife.

„I remember seeing some of the first rendered images on Amiga 500 computer that my friend had in the childhood, those were the moments when I started realizing what I want to do in my life. During the time when I was studying, I learned on my own everything about 3D graphics, sometimes staying up even until 4 pm in the morning to absorb every bit of information I needed“. Passion and stubbornness can move mountains. Toni Bratincevic and his art is a prove of that.


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