Panzer Buggy Rocket Mortar

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A portable six-barrel mortar or rocket artillery. Intended to be used with either the Panzer Buggy kit, or Orc Panzer Buggy kits (sold separately). Links to these kits below. The mortar is intended to be used on the engine hardpoint (ie the place where the main engine is mounted in the base kit). But it can be mounted on other hardpoints in a pinch, or used entirely separately from the Panzer Buggy.

The kit contains five parts. See below for a detailed list. Some assembly is required, and the finished kit allows for some minor variation in posing. The mortar can be aimed at different angles, and the array can be swiveled left and right. You can also use the model part named Platform Raiser to further elevate the array. You can use the images provided on this page to guide you in assembly. The model parts are packaged in four separate .stl files. They are prescaled to 28mm scale, and internally consistent (ie they are scaled to fit each other). The parts are also prescaled to fit the default scale of the parts included in the Panzer Buggy kit.

Detailed parts list

  • Panzer Buggy Mortar. This .stl file contains the mortar barrels, and the housing they are mounted on, in two separate parts.
  • Base Plate. This .stl file contains the platform the mortar and housing is mounted on. This part goes on the cargo hardpoint of the Panzer Buggy, and then the mortar is mounted on top of it.
  • Shell Stockpile. This .stl file contains a small stockpile of shells, mainly to be used for decorative purposes. This model part can be mounted on the side escape hatch hardpoint of the Panzer Buggy kit, or on other hardpoints should you wish to.
  • Platform Raiser. This .stl file contains an additional platform part that can be used to elevate the mortar array. Place it on top of the Base Plate, and then the Mortar on top of it, to elevate the array. This can be done for purely aesthetic purposes, but also to clear parts mounted on other hardpoints that might otherwise interfere with the mortar array (for example, a sidegunner mounted on the side escape hatch might prevent you from swiveling the mortar unless you elevate it).

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Panzer Buggy Rocket Mortar
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Panzer Buggy Rocket Mortar
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