Modular Superheavy Tank

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Modular superheavy tank kit, intended for use in 28mm tabletop games . Contains enough model parts to enable you to build a number of different types of heavy vehicle. You can build a mastodon battle tank, an armored personnel carrier, or a veritable mobile fortress complete with topside battlements. See the image gallery for a more detailed description of the various configurations.

You can also buy a number of alternative guns, tracks et cetera that are sold separately by Sharedog Miniatures, but are fully compatible with this kit. This is where the modularity comes in. With the alternatives that are sold separately, you can replace the tracks for tires to turn the tank into a half-track, put a crane on the top section in place of the main gun to turn the tank into a giant construction vehicle, et cetera. Just make sure that the product description clearly states that the product in question is compatible with this kit.

With a bit of kitbashing, the kit can also be combined with model parts from other miniatures manufacturers.

The kit contains 35 model parts in total. You'll need a minimum of 6 parts (1 main body, 4 tracks, 1 rear entrance) to construct a complete tank. The remaining 29 parts are optional, used to further kit the tank out. You can see most of the included model parts in the image gallery. The image gallery should also give you enough information about how the kit is assembled.

Every individual model part is packaged in a separate .stl file. The .stl files are packaged in 7 .rar archives. Each archive contains all parts belonging to a certain section of the tank kit. The .rar archive named Main Gun Parts contains all parts required to assemble the main gun, and so on. This should make assembly easier for you.

All model parts are prescaled to (roughly) 28mm scale. They are also internally consistent - you don't need to alter the size of any model part to make it fit with other parts.

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Modular Superheavy Tank
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Modular Superheavy Tank
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