Ball Turret

Ball Turret 3D print model


Intended for 3d print.

World War 2- style ball turret, like the ones mounted on B17 and B24 bombers (and used as prop in the original Star Wars trilogy, by the look of it).

This kit contains a couple of different variants, adjusted for use in various scales. See the detailed list below. The turret variants intended for use in 15mm-25mm scale are printed as a single model piece and requires no assembly. The turret variants intended for use in 28mm scale or upwards requires some assembly (using glue). The finished turrets can be topmounted, sidemounted or undermounted on a bomber, fortification or deathstar of your choice. You may be able to stick a miniature pilot inside one of the hollow turret variants. The turret can be rotated up and down (though you need to glue it in place once you've decided on a pose).

All model parts intended for use in 28mm scale are prescaled to this scale. All model parts intended for use in 15-25mm scale are prescaled to roughly 20mm scale. Please note: The model parts used in the 28mm scale turret variants are all prescaled to fit together, but they are scaled for a snug fit. Depending on your printer, this might cause certain parts to print too large, and thus not quite fit together. If you have problems fitting the printed suspenders into the ball turret, or the hatch into the ball turret et cetera, try altering the scale of individual parts slightly (for example, make the ball turret part slightly larger to make more room for the hatch and suspenders).

All model parts are packaged into separate .stl files, which are in turn packaged into two .rar archives.

If you have any questions or comments prior to or post-purchase, feel free to contact me. I usually respond within 24 hours.

UPDATE 20210417: Two additional model parts added (base plate and platform raiser). These makes the Ball Turret compatible with the Panzer Buggy Kit (link below). It is also compatible with the Dwarf Panzer Bike and Generic Tank available from Sharedog Miniatures. Please note that you may have to resize the turret slightly to fit these kits.






  • 15-25mm scale ball turret. Printed as one single, solid model piece. The model has been somewhat simplified to suit smaller scales.

  • 15-25mm scale ball turret, autoloader version. Same as above, but with autoloaders stuck to the side of the ball turret (see images).

  • 28mm scale ball turret, solid variant.A ball turret with closed hatch and solid interior. To be used if you prefer not to use a hollowed-out ball turret.

  • 28mm scale ball turret, hollow variant. A ball turret with hollowed-out interior. The window is a hole, allowing you to see inside the ball. The back hatch is also a hole, enabling you to attach the hatch piece as either closed or open.

  • 28mm scale ball turret, hollow variant in two pieces. Same as above, but the ball is split into two halves. This version is easier to print and enables you to put things inside the ball before gluing the two halves together.

  • 28mm scale suspension. Connects the ball turret to the mounting platform. The suspenders are inserted into both sides of the ball turret, and then glued to the mounting platform. The suspenders are round, allowing the ball turret to be rotated up or down once mounted between the suspenders.

  • 28mm scale suspension, autoloader variant. Same as above, but slightly altered to suit the Autoloader mounting platform.

  • 28mm scale mounting platform. A housing for the ball turret & suspension. The flat surface-side is placed on the ground, or glued to whatever you want to mount the turret on.

  • 28mm scale mounting platform, autoloader variant. Same as above, but with rotary autoloaders stuck to either side of the turret.

  • 28mm scale hatch. A hatch for the hollow ball turret variant.

  • 28mm scale machine gun barrels. Attach to the gun hardpoints on the ball turret. Can be replaced with other types of guns (note that this kit only includes machine guns).

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Ball Turret
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Ball Turret
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