Project Fusileer 28mm Air Defense Mech

Project Fusileer 28mm Air Defense Mech 3D print model


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Project Fusileer came about as an outgrowth of Project Malleus Parabellum, with which it shares major leg components for logistical simplicity.

Project Fusileer is intended to keep the airspace above the battlefield clear of drones, aircraft, and winged terrors.

Depending on its chosen loadout, however, it is also useful in dealing damage to ground-bound targets, as well.

The Fusileer is also known as the 'Scourge of the Skies,' one of the many labels applied to it by the marketing team of KojoYoroi Interplanetary, a human-founded arms manufacturer based on the world of NeoNihon, nestled deep within the Fourth Worldgate network.

Though the verbose advertising nickname may sound awkward or unserious, there is nothing funny about the Fusileer's ability to burn anything in its weapons range out of existence.

The Fusileer shares several mobility components with Project Malleus Parabellum, enabling armies and mercenary organizations that can afford the precision-made mechs to ease their logistical inventories.

The mech's modular weapons loadout is able to be tailored to specific missions and targets, with four weapons hardpoints able to mount heavy lasers or rotary cannons in various combinations. Supplemental missile racks can also be added to enhance its direct combat mode.

Though it is not equipped with stylish bladed weapons like many contemporary mechs found throughout the Worldgate networks, the Fusileer is more than capable of shredding and melting its targets into flaming slag before they enter into melee range.

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Project Fusileer 28mm Air Defense Mech
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Project Fusileer 28mm Air Defense Mech
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