Graboid Life-Size Wall Mount-Ender 3 Split

Graboid Life-Size Wall Mount-Ender 3 Split 3D print model


Please note: These files are sized for printing on a Creality Ender 3 or larger 3D printer. A set of larger pieces (and therefore fewer prints) printable on a Creality Ender 5 is also available.

This is a set of printable STL files for building a life-sized (1:1 scale) wall mount of the graboid creature from Tremors (1990). It's inspired by the brief shot of a wall-mounted head from a graboid killed in the first movie visible in Burt Gummer's house in Tremors 2. Two separate sets of files are included: one for the head of the monster, and one for its three tongues, which can be inserted into the mouth as seen in the preview renders. The final product will be enormous and heavy, so please consider the space and resources you will have to invest to make it before buying. I sculpted this model, but I haven't printed this set of files myself. The model itself is hollow and has no back surface, so there's nobuilt-in way to mount it. The printed and painted example seen in the photos was made by someone else. He describes the mounting process he used as follows:

It weighs about 150-170 pounds and is filled with 6lb density foam. It has a rectangle cut out of the foam in the middle, and a 2x4 is inside that rectangle held by two 1/2 × 10long lag bolts and screws. There are three heavy-duty brackets mounted on three different studs. The brackets hook onto the 2x4 in the rectangle and prevent it from sliding off.

cbarkau 2024-01-27 22:05:42 UTC
Hi. The $45 is for the files to 3D print the model. There are over 100 small pieces that make up the full-scale graboid head, as shown in that colorful third image.
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Graboid Life-Size Wall Mount-Ender 3 Split
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Graboid Life-Size Wall Mount-Ender 3 Split
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