Brain Bug

Brain Bug 3D print model


Brain Bug (formerly called Horrible Brain Spiders)

The creatures have big bulging eyes and a single proboscis for sucking up brain matter. They forage during the night and nest on the scalps of hapless homosapians. There is no known treatment for an infestation. They are surprisingly resilient against all known pharmaceuticals and topical treatments. Brain death follows within a week… after which all the bugs die except for one. This one now has control of the host’s central nervous system. The resulting zombie can be neutralised through decapitation.

This was a quick sculpting and texture painting exercise done entirely in Blender in one sitting.

I was fascinated with a new sculpting option called Dynatopo (Dynamic Topography) that creates new polygons as you sculpt.. a big improvement over the old way of sculpting on an existing mesh.

I painted two color variants gunky green and sickly yellow-

The print was made using Formlabs’ proprietary transparent resin. The initial pics will show it on its scaffolding.. these are an essential part of the process in most desktop printers.. Requireing a lot of post print effort to cut them away, but it was worth it.

The transparent prints were fascinating.. but I eventually painted it with acrylics.

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Brain Bug
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Brain Bug
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