28mm Dwarf Mech - The Burrows Ripper Special

28mm Dwarf Mech - The Burrows Ripper Special 3D print model


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The race of small, sturdy humanoids known as the Third Highgate Folk have been a part of Junctionworld’s dimension-spanning society for thousands of gate-years, having survived numerous rulers of the pocket universe. They are seen by the current overlords of the realm, the Gatekeepers, as economic competitors in the weapons and armor markets. The Insos, as they call themselves, are skilled in ironmongery, electronics, metallurgy, and ordnance. The tension between them and the Gatekeepers is caused by high tariffs, harsh trade practices, and outright trade embargoes on goods flowing between the two dimensions. One of the most prominent products found in numerous variants throughout the Insos’ wide sphere of influence is the Burrows Ripper Special. The Ripper Special is a time-tested design, known for its rugged hull and stable chassis. It is equally at home in the gladiator arenas, the battlefield, or the continent-spanning strip mines that are the source of the Insos’ vast manufacturing resources. The current resurgence in weapons technology has breathed new life into the Ripper Special, particularly the weapons developed for Project Malleus Parabellum. The Burrows Manufacturing Collective, one of several giant Insos family corporations, has grafted the newly-discovered particle beam cannons and heavy plasma cannons into several models, including deluxe versions with reactive armor plating. Insos prefer to fight standing, and the control cabin layout reflects that. Held in an inertial dispersion field to prevent pilot trauma from impacts and vector shifts, the unique configuration is also favored by Myoshans, Niffs, and other beings of smaller stature. They also offer models for other, more typical humanoids, or “Stilts,” as they Insos call them, with reclined control chairs that can accommodate their larger frames in the armored hull. Mech gladiator combat in the arenas of Junctionworld has proven the dual use of the Ripper Special’s laser-tipped core drill, and it has proven to be the end of many an unsuspecting pilot. The Ripper Special is run by a number of Insos fighters in the Interdimensional Mercenary Guild and the Hammer Leagues, though the most notorious of the stubby pilots is Flevver Sixthson, a dodgy veteran of the lower arena ranking lists who is as likely to eject from a heated combat as he is to engage in it. His Ripper Special is known for its disrepair and slovenly appearance. He is sponsored by QuickZip Ejection Seats, a budget mech accessory company, and it is always a crowd-pleaser when he inevitably utilizes their product in glorious fashion.

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28mm Dwarf Mech - The Burrows Ripper Special
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28mm Dwarf Mech - The Burrows Ripper Special
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