28mm Cervantes-Class Sicario Assassination Mech

28mm Cervantes-Class Sicario Assassination Mech 3D print model


Compatible with One Page Rules, particularly for your Titan Lords armies.

The 28mm Sicario Assassination Mech, one of four distinct models of tall, lethal mechs based on the standardized Cervantes chassis, is a rumor. A mirage. A column of death that flashes through the peripheral vision of its targets, often striking them down before they can turn their sensor heads.

Dark, sinister, and optimized for crippling targets even larger than itself, the Sicario Assassination Mech stalks the battlefield, an impossibly huge visage of mechanical death in stealthed armor.

Mounting a Gravitic Implosion Project Cannon on one hardpoint, or a laser-enhanced Vibroblade on the other, the Sicario waits for titanic targets to become distracted or complacent before it strikes without mercy.

The Sicario is capable of being pressed into a stand-up fight on the open battlefield, when the situation calls for it. On these rare occasions, it is accompanied by a pair of Stealth Raptors on escort duty to handle anti-personnel screening, since its weaponry is tailored for taking out more towering enemies.

Edit: Added upper arms that enable you to use your Cervantes weapons on the new injection-molded Cerasti kits from GeeDubz.

Twist-lock on one side, 12mm x 3mm magnet on the other. Remember your polarities, and you're good to go!


Best, JBR

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28mm Cervantes-Class Sicario Assassination Mech
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28mm Cervantes-Class Sicario Assassination Mech
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