BUILD-0046 Villa Skommartorp 6 variants H0-scale

BUILD-0046 Villa Skommartorp 6 variants H0-scale 3D print model


The set contains all items neccesary to build a H0-scale model of the villa found on Skommartorps road 13. In addition three variants / add-ons is included so you can print and use several houses from this set which all will look visually different on your layout. VARIANT 0: Original VARIANT 1: with one roof mounted window VARIANT 2: with Patio VARIANT 3: with Dormer VARIANT 4: front Porch VARIANT 5: Interior walls and ceiling

Ready-to-print super detailed items set for H0-scale Model Railroad. The villa has been developed and test printed, built and painted to verify function, detail and printability. Testing has been performed on a range of different consumer grade resin printers. Simply download, un-zip, slice, save to USB and print. Enjoy! Each part has two stl-files included: One stl-file with support (for resin printers) and one without supports. This way you can customize your print if you like.


  • Minimum 4k LCD or equivalent DLP resolution.
  • Minimum print surface: 132 x 80 x 165mm.

We strongly recommend using the following resin for low warp and super detail:

  • SIRAYA TECH Grey Fast ABS-like
  • Anycubic ABS-like resin


  • WASHING: Wash all items clean from resin preferrably in a washing mashine 6-8 minutes (Anycubic Wash & Cure 2.0)
  • POST CURING: Leave all items to dry after wash properly. Preferrably over-night / 24h. All sides, including inside surfaces, MUST be exposed to the UV-light. Recommended time: 4 minutes.
  • Paint the details immidiatly after post-curing using a primer. We recommend TAMAIYA Surface Primer Fine Gray.

*The Editorial licence of course includes unlimited printing for your own Model Railroad. However, the 3D models provided in this set must NOT be used for commersial production or re-sale of the 3D-models.

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serasm 2024-04-19 22:40:28 UTC
Looks great, I'll convert them to 1-32 and I'm excitet to see how well they will turn out! This model will work splendid as an Norwegian villa also!
slipperyvenom 2023-06-29 19:35:06 UTC
Haven't printed them yet. They look good and it is not a popular set of designs. So having finally a set of house with variations ready to print, supported and claimed to be test printed was a huge factor. I hope they make more models around urban designs like house, furniture, shops and buildings and not just stick to railroad scenery. Some stls are duplicated. They are exactly the same and just overcrowd the work space. They are not event mirrored to have the option to use them with different orientations.
BUILD-0046 Villa Skommartorp 6 variants H0-scale
Editorial No Ai License 
BUILD-0046 Villa Skommartorp 6 variants H0-scale
Editorial No Ai License 
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  • Publish date2022-10-27
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