Orc Astroknight Megapack

Orc Astroknight Megapack 3D print model

Intended for 3d print.

Jingoistic orcs in space. A regiment's worth of greenskins wielding melee chain axes, primitive projectile rifles and the occasional high-tech energy based guns, as well as high-explosive rocket launchers. This is the orkified version of the Astroknights. The human and helmeted versions can be downloaded here:



The Orc Astroknight Megapack contains the following models:

  • 1 Orc Mechanic with robotic assistant-arms (arms are a separate model)
  • 1 Heavy Armor Orc with rocket rifle
  • 1 Orc Commando with revolver rifle and rambo knife
  • 1 Charging Orc with Orkmann mp2020 submachine gun
  • 1 Orc Communications Offizur
  • 1 Orc Bruiser with mecha-fist and hand rifle
  • 1 Orc General with mecha-fists equipped with submachine gun knuckles
  • 1 Orc Heavy Armor Engineer with chain axe and stick grenades
  • 1 Orc with rocket launcher
  • 5 Orc Riflemen (various poses)
  • 1 Orc Punk with Orkmann mp2020 submachine gun
  • 1 Orc Commando with chain axe
  • 1 Orc Stormtrooper with Bergmann mp1918 submachine gun
  • 1 Orc Berserker with chain axe
  • 1 Orc with gauss rifle
  • 1 Orc with gauss pistol
  • 1 Crouching Orc with M1 carbine
  • 1 Orc Captain with gauss rifle
  • 1 Charging Orc with M1 carbine
  • 1 Crouching Orc with revolver
  • 1 Orc Bruiser with mecha-fists
  • 1 Orc with mp40 submachine gun
  • 1 Crouching Orc with hand rifle
  • 1 submachine gun knuckles (can be glued to orc models to give them extra firepower)
  • 1 Corrugated iron round base

Megapack contains 31 unique models in total. Use attached images for reference.

Each model can be printed in unlimited numbers (duh...), so you can expand the company to an entire army should you want to.

The models are packaged in 2 .stl files. The first file contains all rank-and-file models, plus one set of robotic assistant-arms and one knuckle submachine gun. The models are laid out in a square pattern, and individual models can easily be cut out using the slicing software of your choice. The second file contains a corrugated iron round base.

UPDATE 20210810 : Another .rar archive has been added. Contains every orc model in separate .stl files.

The models are intended for print in 28mm scale, but can be resized to suit any scale. All models are prescaled to 28mm scale.

The models are easy to paint, and requires no assembly beyond gluing to the round bases (exceptions are noted in the description above).

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to send me a message by clicking the envelope symbol next to the company logo on this page.

Anyone interested can follow me on Instagram, under this handle: #sharedogminiatures

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Orc Astroknight Megapack
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Orc Astroknight Megapack
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3D Model formats

  • Stereolithography (.stl) (3 files)101 MB

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  • Publish date2020-12-27
  • Model ID#2779437