Macedonian Phalanx Pack

Macedonian Phalanx Pack 3D print model


This product includes the following items.

[Phalanx Front Row]

  • Phalangite 1 (Phrygian_Muscle cuirass)
  • Phalangite 1 with Crest (Phrygian_Muscle cuirass)
  • Phalangite 2 (Attic_Metal cuirass)
  • Phalangite 2 with Crest (Attic_Metal cuirass)
  • Phalangite 3 (Chalcidian_Linothorax)
  • Phalangite 3 with Crest (Chalcidian_Linothorax)
  • Pelta for front row
  • Pelta(patternless) for front row

*[Phalanx Middle Row] *

  • Phalangite 1 (Phrygian_Linothorax)
  • Phalangite 1 with Crest (Phrygian_Linothorax)
  • Phalangite 2 (Attic_Muscle cuirass)
  • Phalangite 2 with Crest (Attic_Muscle cuirass)
  • Phalangite 3 (Chalcidian_Metal cuirass)
  • Phalangite 3 with Crest (Chalcidian_Metal cuirass)
  • Pelta for middle row
  • Pelta(patternless) for middle row

[Phalanx Back Row]

  • Phalangite 1 (Attic A)
  • Phalangite 2 (Attic B)
  • Phalangite 3 (Phrygian)
  • Phalangite 4 (Chalcidian)
  • Pelta for Back row 1
  • Pelta(patternless) for Back row 1
  • Pelta for Back row 2
  • Pelta(patternless) for Back row 2
  • Pelta for Back row 3
  • Pelta(patternless) for Back row 3
  • Pelta for Back row 4
  • Pelta(patternless) for Back row 4

[Base and Props]

  • Xiphos in sheath
  • Kopis in sheath
  • Spearhead
  • Butt spike
  • Coupling sleeve
  • Spearhead with shaft for resin
  • Butt spike with shaft for resin
  • Base for Front Middle row
  • Base for Back row
  • Base for Back row 4

The figure size of this product is 32mm.

When making the spear of Phalagite, you should use a 0.9mm diameter brass rod.

This product includes a 3D model of spear shaft, but we recommend not to use it.

The thickness of the base is 0.6mm, and please adjust the thickness as desired through the slicer program.

Phalangite can be bent forward due to the weight of the spear, so please use the bond to fix it.

We recommend printing with a resin printer.

The pre-supported version we provide may have different results for each printer,

so we recommend only using it as a reference during support work.

Please look forward to the future products of BLUE SAND! Thank you : )


  • Test printers : Anycubic Photon Mono X and D2
  • Test resin : Anycubic standard gray
  • Need to use a 0.9mm diameter brass rod as a spear shaft.
geonik13 2024-04-03 08:35:15 UTC
Great job. Plenty of options, with different styles of body armour and helmets, for bigger variety. Bodies' anatomy and proportions are fine, while Phalangists' equipment is historically accurate. Cost is also very low, concerning figs' number and quality, compared to other 3D designers. I hope more ancient releases will take place in the near future, following your existing Hoplites and Phalangists. kind regards, Nick
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Macedonian Phalanx Pack
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Macedonian Phalanx Pack
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