Lion Sculpture 3d print model 3D print model

Lion Sculpture 3d print model
May be used for 3d printing, Rendering, Architecture decoration, Jewelry design etc.
File Formats: .stl, .zbr, .max, .obj, .fbx
680 000 polygons

The model measures:
Length: 27,7 cm
Width: 15,5 cm
Height: 26, 45cm

If you need to change the size, you can always load the model in any 3D package and scale it(Many formats are attached, such as obj, fbx and etc), or do it right away in your software for a 3D printer.

*Render for example with simple material


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Geoffro wrote
Wow very similar mesh
doubleagent2005 replied to Geoffro
The model is completely different! I liked the pose, I used this model as a reference, not more. My low-poly version was deleted, I do not agree with this. 11 million polygons in highpoly version, baked normal map to lowpoly, PBR materials
Geoffro replied to doubleagent2005
It is different yes, it has been remeshed and the hair dragged down on the front, planare'd dynameshed and subsurface scattered, but it's always easy to spot the original model underneath. I am not sure why you decided to remove the images of the wireframe showing the poly count?
doubleagent2005 replied to Geoffro Comparison of that model and mine. On your opinion this differences are small, but in my opinion the details on a completely different level. As I wrote above, I do not hide that I used this model as a reference posture. The model contains 682 000 polygons, it is prepared for 3D printing, triangular polygons - almost does not matter the quality of polygonal mesh. Wireframe of lowpoly version at Artstation:
Geoffro replied to doubleagent2005
Yes, I know how to use alpha brushing also, but since the model is going to be printed on a normal FDM printer, there was no point baking and creating a displacement map for it, but its nice the job you did. Re-meshing that is fairly straight forward. No, they are not the same mesh now of course, as I said it's been upgraded, that's cool and I think you made a great improvement on the model. What I am debating is the reference pose versus the actual model, because looking at all your other models (including The Yoda model that is now removed from your site that was originally modelled by Adam Beamish CGTrader will have a record of you selling this model. Now, that was a clear cut steal - now it wasn't my model but I'm sure if Adam saw you selling it he would be pissed off. Now, the fact that you grabbed his model and direct ripped it to here, leads me to not believe that you simply used the lion as a reference and sculpted yours next to it - no you dynameshed or remeshed the model -that is what I am debating here. If I had not seen the other models from other people you were selling I would not have even said a word. I actually care more about you selling Adam's models than mine, as at least you did some work on the lion. Sadly he has had to remove alot of his work because of this, luckily some of them were saved. Now, you can follow me as I have seen, but to be honest I don't think I want to upload any more models here after this.
doubleagent2005 replied to Geoffro
Thank you for the detailed answer! All my subsequent models that I publish here in the future are made from scratch, and I published several old ones for the reason, because PBR materials were made on them, which can be useful for game engines, and better sculpt and retopology. Here's a screenshot of my next model: I understand you on all points. I will never again use any model, even as a reference. In addition, I took the source model on sketchup warehouse
Geoffro replied to doubleagent2005
Thank you for a good attitude. I am not criticising your work in anyway, you are clearly a very talented artist and did a much better job with that design than I could do. Your next model looks fantastic.
antoniosbravo wrote
This is a very nice model! Is it from the Central Park Zoo Entrance ?
jigyasa0187 wrote
AndreiCG wrote


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Available formats
  • Stereolithography (.stl) 65.1 MB
  • Autodesk FBX (.fbx) 64.3 MB
  • OBJ (.obj) 52.9 MB
  • Zbrush (.ztl) 28.7 MB
  • 3ds Max (.max) 99.6 MB
  • 3D Studio (.3ds) (Contact for availability) -
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  • Publish date2017-03-12
  • Model ID#702399