Futuristic Urban 6mm Scale 3D Printable Assets

Futuristic Urban 6mm Scale 3D Printable Assets 3D print model


The Futuristic Urban City Collection. A series of 6MM buildings capable of complimenting any of your tables. This collection of print-ready pieces is perfect for War Games and other hobbies and interests. I hope you enjoy using these models just as much as I enjoyed creating them. Happy 3D Printing everyone!

It all started with a reddit post.

I stumbled across this guy Longino (https://hardwarestudios.co/vendor/2500kgm3/), posting a few futuristic buildings and I thought to myself, I could make something like that. I had some experience making movie props, so I set to task on creating a map along with a few pieces. Eventually I was able to print out six and bring them to a battletech game night with a friend. Neither of us had much experience with the game, but we both were excited to learn. While playing, we got behind the idea of building to scale in an effort to reflect the actual scale of the unit, and thus the idea's for this adventure collection was born. A great number of 6mm scale custom printable models you can use to enhance your adventure.

Some of these models are not perfect, you will notice as you work your way through the files that their is a progressive bumps in quality where new tools were added to my belt. If you do have any questions or comments, please let me know, I do make changes once and a while.

This particular adventure offers a few unique pieces, one stand alone map - my original concept - and two maps that are of the same location, but at two periods of time. You may use all of the maps, but the maps located within the stetch goals are the real gems. These help lay the foundation for your imagination.

Some noteworthy pieces: MechLift, Rail yard, Ship yard, air port, command center, infastructure, fortress walls and turrets, suburban homes and much much more.

This collection features everything found at: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/steampunkarena/futuristic-urban-n-scale-3d-printable-assets

Basic Builder - 5 STL Files More Buildings - 6 STL Files Fortress - 13 STL files Maps - 2 Maps (Hex Grid / No Hex Grid) Stretch Goals Stretch 01 - Battletech Dice - 3 Types (41 STL Files) Stretch 02 - Tower 11 - 1 STL File Stretch 03 - Fuel Bay - 2 STL Files Stretch 04 - Mech Bay / Mech Lift - 3 STL Files Stretch 05 - Infastructure - 5 STL Files Stretch 06 - Command Center - 1 STL Files Stretch 07 - Suburban - 6 STL Files Stretch 08 - The Yards - 11 STL Files Stretch 09 - Map Increase - 9 Various PSD, PDF, JPG and PNG Maps (2 Hex Grid / 2 Non Hex Grid) Stretch 10 - Destroyed Buildings - 24 STL Files Stretch 11 - Futuristic Vehicles - 10 STL Files Stretch 12 - Longino Collection - 5 STL Files

Total of: 95 STL Files

steampunkarena 2022-02-01 22:51:25 UTC
Everything that is in the Kickstarter onedrive folder is also located in the zip file. I hope that helps!
jayce921 2023-04-17 16:04:38 UTC
I need to do the same as Skatspack. Thank you
skatspack 2022-02-01 22:45:57 UTC
i just need the files adding from the kickstarter to my account here
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dreinhart 2023-01-07 20:35:25 UTC
The other review seems to be lost. So here again... still flashed by these designs... you took your time to create these and they are worth every single Cent.. even more.... I paid with pleasure. Really great job! Thank you.
Futuristic Urban 6mm Scale 3D Printable Assets
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Futuristic Urban 6mm Scale 3D Printable Assets
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