3D Print Ready 6 mm Sieve Set

3D Print Ready 6 mm Sieve Set 3D print model


handy3dzz Sieve Set for 1 mm

Please read this text before printing for designs, descriptions, advantages, dimensions, weight, print settings and warnings.


  • You can separate solid fragmented material(rocks, dry plants, dry food, solid chemicals(nonreactive with your filament) etc. ) by size in a broad range.
  • Please note that money you pay for laboratory scale sieve set is maybe 100 fold and you have to order them when a sieve is damaged or most probably lost.
  • You can purchase all parts with a discount at handy3dzz account or you can purchase only your desired aperture size sieve. Bottom bowl and top cover are included in all sieve purchasing options. Please see all the options in handy3dzz account.
  • Aperture size is written at the side of each sieve in mm for ease of use.
  • Minimum default aperture size is 1 mm. HOWEVER, there is a mesh fitting kit that you can use for lower sizes. Such as, if you have 37 micron mesh, you can put it between 30 mm sieve and mesh fitting model.
  • There is high volume bowl to put below sieve and to collect low size material. Also, there is a cover to close separation chamber and to prevent dust.
  • All sieves can fit into each other with bottom bowl and top cover so that you can shake them all or apply mechanical vibration. The mechanical vibration can be applied by placing two metal rods inside aligned holes of sieves at their two sides. Then, you can put them on a vibrator and fix them.

Print Settings

  • Scaling is not suggested for this model unless you need to obtain specific aperture size. Please remember a scaled print cannot fit into unscaled ones. Thus, you need to apply same scale factor in all models & files when you decide to do.
  • Interior brim is not suggested because it takes time to remove them but exterior brim can be helpful if you have adhesion and warping problems.

Please mind

  • Check plenty of useful stuff on >>>handy3dzz<<< that you can use in your work, home, garage or laboratory. All of them will save your money and you can print infinite amounts. Even if you are able person who knows how to design them, don’t waste days and weeks that otherwise, you can use on your precious projects. Just buy from Handy3dzz. New handy stuff will be added day after day. Therefore, please follow on twitter(http://bit.ly/3CBXXdm) and instagram (http://bit.ly/3uaZXWr).
  • Please let us know if you have any inconvenience with the product so it can be fixed and the fixed version will be sent to you immediately.
  • Please note that the model is printed and tested with awful and cheapest 3d printers and PLA filaments with mediocre printing settings.
  • This file is an asset in memory of your 3d printer, therefore, treat it accordingly.
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3D Print Ready 6 mm Sieve Set
Royalty Free License 
3D Print Ready 6 mm Sieve Set
Royalty Free License 
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3D Model formats

Format limitations
  • Stereolithography (.stl) (10 files)7.66 MB
  • PDF (.pdf) (4 files)2.89 MB
  • OBJ (.obj, .mtl) (10 files)8.95 MB
  • Ply (.ply) (10 files)4.64 MB
  • 3D Manufacturing File (.3mf) (10 files)7.69 MB

3D Model details

  • Publish date2022-03-12
  • Model ID#3638327
  • Ready for 3D Printing