Patrol Trooper

Patrol Trooper 3D print model

Star Wars Patrol Trooper as seen in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Armor kit includes all hard armor parts as well as blaster and baton. Now includes shoulder bridge covers, shin straps and sides of abs. These should be made out of TPU or other flexible filament, and if possible should be printed in white to avoid extra painting. A couple of files have alternate versions, these will say A, B, or Full. Print whichever you like.


  • 08-24-2020 - Fixed issue with Shin Back Lower (left & right) not fitting properly. Parts now v1.1.

  • 08-27-2020 - Fixed back edge of Front Shin Guard (left & right) not fitting properly with Knobs. Parts now v1.1.

  • 08-29-2020 - Adjusted Boot Toe Cover (left & right).Parts now v1.1. Scaled Thermal Detonator Buttons slightly to fit better. Parts now v1.3. Slight scale adjustment on Back box Detail Inserts. Parts now v1.2 (left) and v1.1 (right).

  • 09-02-2020 - Added tab on back of collar for added support. Part is now v1.1

  • 09-04-2020 - Added Parts Checklist for easier management when printing.

  • 09-16-2020 - Fixed an issue where the Shin files were labeled incorrectly. Some of the parts were swapped left for right.

  • 09-21-2020 - Added new parts. Ab sides, Ab side armor plates, Shoulder strap, Shin strap. All these parts are made to be printed in TPU or other flexible filament.

Included Parts:


  • Ab front
  • Ab side details (left & right), solid or TPU
  • Cod
  • Backplate
  • Ab sides (left & right), TPU filament needed


  • Shoulder (left & right)
  • Bicep (left & right)
  • Forearm (left & right)
  • Hand (left & right)


  • Back
  • Large Box (x2)
  • Small box
  • Internal greebles
  • Back (Full)


  • Baton


  • Large Box
  • Small box (x2)
  • Rear Pouch Cover
  • Blaster Holster
  • Baton Holster (2 versions)


  • Patrol Trooper variation of EC-17
  • Removable Tip for swapping normal or high visibility


  • Toe Cover (left & right)
  • Arc Cover (left & right)
  • Heel Cover (left & right)


  • Chest
  • Collar
  • Large Toggle Button
  • Large Green Button
  • Small Button (x6)
  • Buckle (x4)
  • Chest (Full)
  • Shoulder strap (x2), TPU filament needed


  • Helmet
  • Brow
  • Blast Shield
  • Aerator (2)
  • Snout


  • Front Shin (left & right)
  • Leg Armor (left & right)
  • Knee (left & right)
  • Rear Armor (left & right)
  • Shin Knob (x4)
  • Buckle (x4)
  • Leg Armor (left & right)(Full)
  • Shin Strap (x2), TPU filament needed

Thermal Detonator

  • Thermal Detonator Body
  • Left Tube
  • Right Knob
  • Large Round Button
  • Large Rectangle Button
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Patrol Trooper
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Patrol Trooper
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