Build a sand digger

Build a sand digger 3D print model


Assembling toys - sand scavenger excavator kids play fun on the beach or in the yard with this sand scavenger excavator that can dig and move soil in a 360 rotation angle - (Rotation).

The display picture shows the final results of hollow iron and cut iron pipes and the connection process using a welding system on the seat frame and driving handlebar, hinges on the handlebar, balancing weights, adjusting the length of the hollow stick to the angle of rotation and installing an excavator shovel with the final form of sanding and painting according to the desired color.

The Dingger model was developed as a way to engage children to become more aware of the importance of 'activity in the sun' with the 'dinger sand-lifting game'. For parents, it also provides fun activities to play with children with sand, in the yard.

Settings can be configured as you wish, as the whole project **(Model and Build) **is completely STL Model. The project has been designed in in 3D model.

Hopefully this is a great primer for kids (and big kids) on learning about 3D printing, IoT, mechanical design, and online data. Indeed, the wealth of data that this generation now has access to (freely!) is extraordinary, and there is no doubt projects like this will be 'plug n play' for generations to come.

What are you going to do with a 3D Printer, multiple IoT protocols, and a world of Model/Data Sources??

~ ~ ~

ICYMI: Hardware creation is actually the 'Son' of the 'Father' - The Sand Digger - a project created for the community of Engineers and Design 3D Model makers.

The aim of this project is to use iron and wood where the wood is cut using a precision CNC machine or iron pipes and hollows that can be purchased at the store as the main manufacturing framework which has been measured according to 3D simulation (autodesk fusion 360 software model). Joining a series using a carbide or electric welding tool is a project for your workshop and manufacturing using wood makes a CNC machine the main tool. You can choose iron or wood as the main material for making sand diggers.

3D printing:

⦁ 3D printer (or can print files via the LINK below). ⦁ PLA Filament (832-0223) ⦁ (+ 1 Alternate Color, e.g. Yellow (832-0232) ⦁ Printer nozzle is 0.6mm, though 0.4mm would be fine too.

Cnc Machine Printing:

⦁ 5 mm drill bit ⦁ Router( LINK ) ⦁ Precision CNC machining ⦁ G Code ⦁ wood (for the chair) ⦁ DC Power Socket (048-7832) ⦁ Toggle Switch (734-7066)

Fixtures & Fixtures:

⦁ Hammer, Wood clamp, Roll, anchor etc ⦁ Brass Inserts - 1x 100 pack (027-8534) ⦁ Bolt (028-0981) ⦁ SuperGlue (1x3g tube is enough). ⦁ Masking Tape / Masking Tape. ⦁ Cocktail Stick. ⦁ Sandpaper (400, 600, 1000 grit recommended)

Common Tools:

⦁ Iron etc. ⦁ Lock (for Bolt). ⦁ Craft Knife. ⦁ Calipers. ⦁ Drill/hand drill with drill bits 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm.

This project is very useful for guiding children in the world of building manufacturing in the future, heavy equipment practice which is shown in the form of fun toys to fill the afternoon with the boys.

Dimension settings according to children's needs and the addition of hydraulic / gaslift office chairs:

Installation of an office chair gaslift to adjust the height and low of the chair. The addition of weight on the right handlebar to ease the traction when lifting sand by the digger spoon. The length of the hollow iron frame has been adjusted to the angle of rotation of the sand digger. A good welding system is the key to success in this project, for example (welding on the seat pipe is a strong pillar against the ground horse). Sources are obtained from Google search references, you can see the title sand digger for kids on YouTube to see how this game works.

This design is shown in STL model form, Get ready for work...

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thanks Bro..
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Build a sand digger
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Build a sand digger
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