Full Printable ITX Case Mac Pro 2013 style

Full Printable ITX Case Mac Pro 2013 style 3D print model


ITX format computer case fully printed on a 3D printer To build You need the skills of working with electricity and computer components The size and shape of parts adapted for printing on 3D printer with a maximum print area 200x200x200 mm Printing Material ABS and PLA print time of approximately 70 hours layer 0.22-0.24mm speed 60-70mm/s

PLA - need approximately 1kg for all case shells and grills, top and bottom mount base (top grill, bottom grill and top cap detail printed with support structures) ABS - about 150gramm for MB mount plate, HDD mounting frame and other detail assembly is made using the M3 screws and nuts, glue and double-sided tape

Motherboard mini-ITX MSI H97I AC + CPU Intel i5-4440 + LowProfile Cooler Power Supply CHEIFTEC GPS-450A8 - pulled out of the casing are shortened wires coming to the motherboard HDD 2.5" formfactor Intel 530 series SDD + Hitachi Travelstar 7K1000 Bottom fan from power supply, from this removed mount frame and fan mounted with cable ties Top fan low profile 120mm

cdoleo-19 2021-04-04 14:28:15 UTC
Hi there ;) , Awesome design well done, do you think it's possible to put a SFX format psu without removing it's case at the rear of the motherboard ? Or maybe it's a better choice to use regular ATX psu and just remove the case ? Thanks
bo-herrmannsen 2017-08-12 09:14:43 UTC
got an idea... make it a bit higher... ie extend the frame bits that hold harddrive etc and extend the back plate bit after the audio connecors in that way there will be room for a card mounted vertical inside. roughly estimate is that it has to be half graphics card longer so that half of the pci-e connector are over the mother board and the other half are over the edge of the motherboard. in that way a 200mm full x16 extender should be able to reach
bo-herrmannsen 2017-08-12 08:55:14 UTC
i looked arround for pci-e x16 raisers and the best lenght i could find was 200mm to get the graphics card vertical the cable on the raiser has to be folded in a 90 degree angle. it simply becomes to short to be able to reach the motherboard and graphics card . how hard would it be to enlarge the diameter of the case so that a card can be mounted directly on the motherboard? of course it will not look as slim but it might be the only way if a full pci-e x16 cant be found that is long enough
bo-herrmannsen 2017-08-11 22:10:24 UTC
found an mini-itx board that supports ryzen cpu's but still a model of the case that supports a dual slot graphics card would be a welcomed maybe a raiser card/cable would be needed to that the cpu could be mounted vertical
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karlo-fodor 2021-12-15 10:45:52 UTC
Although it is a nice design, i do not believe it is good enough to be sold. This model requires supports that could easily be mitigated by better design and on some parts supports waste 2/3 of the plastic while only 1/3 is the actual model. I will be using this model as a guideline but will not be printing it as is.
Full Printable ITX Case Mac Pro 2013 style
Royalty Free License 
Full Printable ITX Case Mac Pro 2013 style
Royalty Free License 
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