The E-11D blaster rifle 3D print model

The E-11D was a blaster rifle manufactured by BlasTech Industries used by the Galactic Empire's Death Troopers. Very similar in design to the E-11 blaster rifle, it featured a large-bore reinforced barrel. warning adapt size to you 3d printer total size ;661mm


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samyiii wrote
kimreynolds3434 wrote
is it in multiple pieces for printing??
lukass12 wrote
:D :D
tonyrockyhorror wrote
the oholder.stl seems to be messed up. Can't slide op1 or op2 through it to connect them.
g3rry-ald3n wrote
How do I get hold of the oholder part. It is still not cut in the downloadable files? For reference, the model needs to be scaled to 130% to be 1:1 scale. Easily done in slicer software. Hopefully this saves a few people having to reprint as i did.
3dpicasso replied to g3rry-ald3n
dimensions are given in the description. it does not say that this is the original size. Corrected part of the model, download separately. there is already a long time.
rodnie74 replied to g3rry-ald3n
when you said need to be scaled to 130% means change the scale from 100 to 130% or add 130% more to the 100% that it got for a 230%???
g3rry-ald3n wrote
Thanks Sergey, I thought it would be useful for others to know about the scale :) Where do i download the new part, it is not in the 3 zip files I have?
3dpicasso replied to g3rry-ald3n
you need download oholder.stl on products page
jedimcca wrote
Great model! What size print bed is required?
rodnie74 wrote
hi sergeykolesnik79 nice work, i got it but i want to know if the size its right for 1:1 , cause i see that the rifle said 661 mm long sounds good but the h block its only 50 mm wide , dont you think its too small? i want to resized for real life 1:1 whats the real size numbers for scale in my slicer..thanks
kucha replied to rodnie74
Real size is 860 can scale this model in netfabb azure
soulborba wrote
Hello, how do I get the files? Is it in sdwprt format? Thank you very much
Pimp3D wrote
nice work!
bakatek wrote
Tag 501 but seems not to be very screen accurate.
3dpicasso replied to bakatek
Firstly this is a very old model. ..It was created then movie not release. On the one photos. Then it was the most detailed. Second she created for ordinary me and other. And not for some legion ...


nijhuus has given the model a positive rating
Not perfect butt easy to fix and easy to print! I printed at 130%
goromith has given the model a positive rating
Model printed out great with amazing detail. A close replica for cheap.
Designer response: 96% in 1.4h
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