Premium spinner ILLUMINATI

Premium spinner ILLUMINATI 3D print model


Want to surprise your friends with an unusual and beautiful spinner ?! Premium spinners are already here

There are 2 versions of the model:

1 With Bearing 2 One-Piece-Print / No Bearings Required!

You can paint the spinner with metallic paint. Or you can really print out the metal if you have the opportunity. Also you can print one piece out everything completely out of plastic without even using a bearing I also prepared for you 3 versions of the bearing handles.

1 With Bearing

All tolerances are exact and ball bearings need to be press fit in with a vise or equivalent device. If plastic cracks, increase stl model by 1-2 percent and print again. Standard 608ZZ Shielded 8x22x7 Miniature Ball Bearings used in this model. The center Bearing can be switched for a 608ZZ/C Ceramic Ball Bearing for increase spin time.

Print Settings Resolution: 0.15mm

2 One-Piece-Print / No Bearings Required!

The design features designed in bearings. With a well sliced file printed on an accurate / precise machine the bearing should be free or take very little effort to break free straight off the build plate. As soon as the bearing have been freed add a small amount of lubricant to the moving bearing surfaces (refer images) and you're in business... ready to give your 'Fidget Spinner' a good spin. Is it as good as a spinner with metal bearings... probably not but they should still spin very well and are definitely fun to fidget with!

TIP: Once bearing have been freed apply a good spray of silicon spray or other light lubricant into the grooves between the main body and bearing on both sides of the spinner. Silicone is an amazing lubricant and a simple way to make 3D printed surfaces move really well against each other.

WARNING: To achieve a great result printing this design you need a good slicing app and accurate / precise machine due to the fine clearances applied. Although the clearances used should work satisfactorily with most slicing apps and machines others may find it a challenge and fuse the parts together. Usually fused parts can be freed however the alternative is to uniformly scale the design up by 5% which will increase the internal clearances.

This is an easy print of a fun gadget but does require an accurate / precise slicing app and machine to achieve the necessary clearance between the moving parts so it will spin well and freely. Applying the lubricant is also essential to getting a really good spin and being able to spin it with just one hand (Metal bearings require lubrication too so this just requires the same).

Print Settings Resolution: 0.15mm

Limited offer !!! If you print a spinner, send me his photo and get any other my model for free!

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Premium spinner ILLUMINATI
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Premium spinner ILLUMINATI
Royalty Free No Ai License 
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