Fire truck with ladder toy fully 3D printable

Fire truck with ladder toy fully 3D printable 3D print model

This is a fire truck toy, based on the same truck model as the concrete mixer and the tank truck models.

Fully printable, no support (except ladder), one material/colour printer. All parts should fit on a 20x20cm print bed.

Assembly video-tutorial:

The tolerance for pieces that need to fit tightly is 0.1mm, for pieces that need to allow movement (like screws and axles) 0.3mm or more.

Printing list: Nb. STL file name rezolution support colour (my make)

  • 1x axle_back.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 1x axle_front.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 0x back_light.stl 0.16mm no
  • 2x back_light_with_flat_cut.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x back_light_with_flat_cut.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 1x back_light_with_flat_cut.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 1x back_plate_09_fire_truck.stl 0.12mm no black-whit
  • 2x base_dist.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x base_ftruck_left.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x base_ftruck_right.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x cabin_back_body.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 1x cabin_fire_truck.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 0x cabin_ft_your_own_support.stl 0.16mm yes
  • 1x cage.stl 0.16mm no red-orange-gray
  • 1x cage_art_die.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x cage_axle_l38.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 2x cap_double_rim.stl 0.16mm no blue
  • 6x cap_double_rim.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 2x cap_single_rim.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 4x cone_road_sign.stl 0.16mm no white-orange
  • 1x fire_truck_ladder_axle_l48.stl 0.16mm no orange I
  • 1x floor_short.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 1x front_grill_09_fire_truck.stl 0.12mm no black-red-black
  • 1x front_lights.stl 0.12mm no blue
  • 1x interieur.stl 0.16mm no gray
  • 1x interieur_base.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x ladder_art_p1.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x ladder_art_p2.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x ladder_art_p3.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x ladder_base.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 1x ladder_base_articulation.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 4x leg_ext_part.stl.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 4x leg_int_part.stl.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x ladder_in_out.stl 0.16mm no gray
  • 1x mirrors 0.12mm no black(TPU)
  • 2x rim_double.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 2x rim_single.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 3x roof_light.stl 0.16mm no blue
  • 1x screw_gear_knob.stl 0.16mm no black
  • 2x screw_l6mm.stl 0.16mm no blue
  • 13x screw_l9mm.stl 0.16mm no black
  • 4x screw_l9mm.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 6x screw_l13mm.stl 0.16mm no orange
  • 1x side_door_left.stl 0.12mm no gray
  • 1x side_door_right.stl 0.12mm no gray
  • 0x sleeping_screw_l9mm.stl 0.16mm no
  • 0x sleeping_screw_l13mm.stl 0.16mm no
  • 1x steering_wheel.stl 0.16mm no black
  • 4x tire_outter_cut.stl 0.16mm no black(TPU)
  • 2x tire_simple.stl 0.16mm no black(TPU)
  • 1x wheel_house_back_ft_left.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 1x wheel_house_back_ft_right.stl 0.16mm no red
  • 1x wheel_house_front_left.stl 0.16mm no white
  • 1x wheel_house_front_right.stl 0.16mm no white


  • all objects already have the intended print direction in the STL files!
  • front_lights - if these don't fit, scale them down in your slicer 2-3-4% until these fit
  • for the cabin_with_support.stl enable thin walls
  • if you don't like the built in supports for the cabin, then you can find only the cabin in cabin_your_own_support.stl
  • most of the parts were printed with PLA. only the tires and the mirrors were printed from TPU (flexible material)
  • screws... there are also sleeping screws STLs included these are printed on the side which makes them a lot stronger the drawback is that these don't close the holes completely... So use as many sleeping screws as you can if the toy is going to be played with, and only normal/round ones otherwise
  • multi-colour-parts are printed with the same one material/colour printer, the multi-colour effect is obtained by changing the material during the print
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Excellent design, and super easy print!
Fire truck with ladder toy fully 3D printable
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Fire truck with ladder toy fully 3D printable
Editorial License 
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