Fallout 3 Ripper Saw tactical wargaming

Fallout 3 Ripper Saw tactical wargaming 3D print model

Uncommon compared to other melee weapons in the Capital Wasteland, the Ripper is unique in that the player character can hold down the attack button and an enemy at melee range will continuously receive damage. In V.A.T.S., it can cause an instant kill.

In the add-on The Pitt, a weapon with identical functionality called an auto axe is added, which can be repaired with the Ripper.

Locations: Outcast leader Protector Henry Casdin at Fort Independence carries one. There are around five Rippers in Andale, in the Smith's basement and in the Wilson's shed. Note that taking them counts as stealing. Enclave soldiers occasionally carry them Some Brotherhood of Steel members around the Citadel have them. Marigold station, behind the locked door with the turning light. The AntAgonizer uses one. Occasionally Moira Brown has one for sale at Craterside Supply. Flak 'N Shrapnel's in Rivet City sometimes has one for sale. Tulip in Underworld sells one of them from time to time. Many members of the Brotherhood Outcasts use them when fighting robots outside Fort Constantine. Two are also located in the Tenpenny Tower weapons closet. Some Enclave troops in Raven Rock use them after Colonel Autumn orders them to attack the player character. The Brotherhood of Steel rear guard at the Washington Monument has one. Lucky Harith may have one for sale, especially after investing in him during the unnamed quest Merchant Empire.

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Fallout 3 Ripper Saw tactical wargaming
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Fallout 3 Ripper Saw tactical wargaming
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